Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My views on life...

So I'm Hannah. I like talking (& typing I guess) and figured I might as well put it down somewhere. So, these are my views on life, kinda like a diary, since everytime I try to actually explain them to somebody they just don't get it.
I'm in 8th grade.
My school kinda sucks. Not to bad but definately not great either.

I'm a 13 year old girl, so as you can imagine, boys are one of the number one things on my mind, so why not talk about them a bit?
Top 10 things guys should NEVER do.
  1. Wear a belt AND sag their pants. Just no...
  2. Get their hair cut w/o the permission of over half the girls in their grade. Bad haircut=ugly guy 
  3. Get back with their ex girlfriend more than twice. I mean if it didn't work out the first 2 times what makes them think it will work again.
  4. Ask a girl why she's mad at him. They know what they did. 
  5. Tell a girl she's overreacting. You think she's overreacting then? You haven't seen anything yet... 
  6. Get involved in drama. (Even though they are the reason for it a majority of the time)
  7. Use a girl as a "rebound" in between girlfriends.
  8. Do the weird duck-like walk. It's not cute, its odd.
  9. Be TO self-confident. At first it funny/flirty, then it just gets annoyying.
  10. Wink. Most people just look like they have a twitch...
xoxo Hannah <3

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