Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't stop cause we're so high

"You had me at hello."

"Its mind over matter. I don't mind & you don't matter."

I'm going to blog again because why not? And I have some stuff to vent about.
Ok so first off.
-My parents set a limit on my phone so that I can't text past 9 pm on school nights. ANNOYING. AT least I don't have a limit on weekends... And they didn't do anything about calling so yahno...
-This guy I dated last year (he's a year older...) who is like totally gorgeous decided he wanted to get back with me on Saturday? Of course he would wait until I had a boyfriend... We hadn't really talked since the beginning of the year but then we saw each other like 3 times in the last 2 weeks... My friends were all against me talking to him though because they think he's a jerk. He's kinda a douche though. He's like a total charmer & knows what girls want to hear. I hate guys like that. Yet I love it. If that makes any sense. I was so confused over this issue...
-I really really really want to see the movie Gone this weekend. It looks so good.
- I have a French test next period. I'm screwed.
-I'm excited for the tournament today  but I need to make myself actually look presentable first...
-I had a lot more stuff to talk about but I can't remember it.
-Its weird how much like spring it feels right now. I hate winter. But I hate humidity too.
So bye I guess <3

I tried to beat you but your so hot that I melted

Quotes of the Day:
"When the sun gets hot & the moon gets hazy, good girls go bad & things get crazy."
I haven't posted in forever! I'm in French class :/ On my loaner netbook which feels really dirty eww. So I've been super confused. *Sigh*
So we're just sitting in chorus today and you just hear Beautiful by Akon randomly playing. Turns out it was my phone going off in my bag... My teacher didn't even do anything. She was just like sooo who was it....
     We actually won a game at the tournament yesterday. Well just the varsity. But that means we get to go to another game tomorrow. Which kinda sucks since I have an EIGHT page research paper due Friday :/
     So I actually have a boyfriend for the first time in forever. Like I really haven't dated anyone in forever... I mean yeah I've talked to guys... Quite a few sadly... But never actually dated them...
I haven't decided if I like officially having a boyfriend though. I'm the type of girl that likes to be able to talk and flirt with whoever I want too without having to worry about somebody.
     Friday should be an interesting day. We have an assembly for Read Across America & some of the 8th grade is performing a song & dance for that. And then for dance team we're performing our exhibition routine and for musical we're doing a teaser to get people to come see the show since it opens next Thursday...
I've been writing this for like 2 days and still haven't posted it. So its actually Wednesday now. I'm in English right by the open window & it feels like spring <3  I love it. It's strangely warm weather for February here though... I have less than 2 weeks left at this school! YES!

Hannah Thinks...
I love how all the guys want me when I have a boyfriend, but when I'm single its just kinda like blahh...
My hair looks like a hot mess today.
I'm incredibly scared of heights.
I love talking on the phone.
Boys stress me out.
There was a tornado in the city next to us & I didn't know until a guy in Florida told me? What the heck
We got an hour delay this morning<3
I can never make up my mind.
I wish Jenna Marbles was my best friend.
"Why you asking all them questions, asking all them questions, asking all them questions, making statements ; assuming?"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Every single night we fight to get a little high on life, To get a little something right something real at least we try.

Quotes of the Day:

"Its crazy how one minute of your life can change the next million."

"A pretty face doesn't always mean a pretty heart."

I haven't written in forever! I've been pretty busy... I actually started another blog too... This one is still going to be my main one though.
Valentine's Day was pretty lame this year. Its kinda overrated. I mean, if you really "love" somebody shouldn't you show it everyday?
I've gotten Starbucks 3 times in the past week. Slightly addicted? I think yes...
I talked to this guy on the phone forever yesterday. I've never actually met him though... I have friends that have, but he's one of those people thats not awkward to talk to even though I don't really know him.
This girl I know is so leading this guy in... & I kinda want to tell him but I don't because he's definately lead some girls on in the past.

Hannah Thinks...
-Two guys one girl in a bathroom alone isn't always what it look like
-I'm so incredibly hungry
-It just took me 4 tries to spell hungry right. & it just took 3 tries again...
-I'm hopefully going to the movies tommorrow<3
-Social Studies is boring
-I can't wait until summer
-I like talking on the phone again.
-I rarely text girls...
-I <3 my hair poof today(:
-This school sucks.
-I miss my old friends..
-Old pictures are the best!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

But if you let me, here's what I'll do,, I'll take care of you...

Quotes of the Day:

"Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone."

"I'm in love with you darling."

So my puppy won't stop freakin whining. She's been  doing it for like 30 minutes straight. :/

Things of Interest
-Candy Roses
-The Woman in Black
-The Vow
-Valentine's Day
-6th graders
-My dog that won't shut up
-Urban dictionary

So I was talking about how our school is selling schocolate roses and you can  have them delivered to people during homeroom on Valentine's Day and this should be interesting.
I went to see the Woman in Black last Saturday & it was scary. I screamed. Me & my friend sat there holding hands the whole time.
I really want to see the Vow this weekend. But of course its only in one theatre...
People are all depressed about being single for Valentine's Day... Why? I'm totally cool with being single. It's actually alot more fun if you ask me.
This guy keeps asking me if I want to "talk talk" to him. As in talk like we're dating but not actually date. Awkward. PLAYER!
Why do slutty girls call other slutty girls sluts? Its not like there any better than them...
Boys. Hmm.
Musical sucked today. I hate full cast rehearsals. People are annoying.
Speaking of annoying things. SIXTH GRADERS.
My dog is still barking. UGH.
Don't urban dictionary stuff. Ever...

Yesterday we had a home basketball game. & our school actually won. But a bunch of the basketball players from the other team kept talking to me ( they were black) hehe. One was like "hey, can we have your number?" & I'm like "Sure. You want my boyfriends too?" And everyone's like "Ohhhh". Even though I don't have a boyfriend. Oh well. You gotta admit that was pretty good...

I'm going to bed<3

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm more than just an option,, can never be forgotten.

People keep getting into fights on facebook. I find it rather annoying.
One of the things that really annoys me is when guys ask me for slutty pictures. & when I say no they keep asking. I'm.Not.A.Whore. Stop asking... I swear.
So I really want to see The Vow this weekend with this cute guy & my best friend<3
I've kinda been going back & forth between guys the past couple weeks. I'll talk to this guy at my school, then he'll end up annoying me or making me mad so I'll stop talking to him. Then I'll talk to this other guy thats insanely gorgeous. Then there's this cute freshman that's always hitting on me. And this guy from my school that is a major flirt. I'm not going to date anyone from my school because I'll just be leaving in a little over a month. Right now, gorgeous guy (who doesn't go to my school) is looking the best....

My best friend took this picture of me at the library the other day & I'm in love<3

I need to post a picture of my puppy Bella. She's precious<3

Hannah Thinks...
We're dancing in pajamas at the game today? Win.

Guys are annoyingly cute.
It cracks me up when guys talk all ghetto-like. "Damn girl, you is fine" hehe
I'm being a good girl.
I don't trust people...
I hate it when people ask me why I don't trust them. I just don't. No specific reason.

Stepped up in the party like me name was "that bitch"

Quote of the Day:

"If you're ever questioning whether someones is worth it, they aren't. If they really were you wouldn't even have to question it."

"I love you."

I finally got my netbook back! But they erased everything off of it. So all of my music & pictures are gone. :/
School was lame. As always.
I'm talking to this gorgeous guy though<3 He's so fine...
On saturday I went to the mall & movies with people for my birthday. It was interesting. I ended up hanging out with this girl that I didn't really like at first. She's pretty chill though.

Hannah Thinks...
My blog keeps getting hacked...
My precious puppy has a pink parka!
I find the best songs.
I'm good at talking to people I don't know.
This was supposed to have been posted yesterday... Oh well.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Dream On

Quotes of the Day:

"Don't cry over something that is lost."

"Be true to who you are"

Me being stupid yet again for the second time leaving my blog logged in again. It actually sounds like me, it is kind of scary. I have decided I love puppies. I just got a new dog. I might name it Honey or Annie. It is so cute!

Things of Interest for Today:

-Boys with wavy hair
-Baby Hippos
-Late birthday presents
-British accents
-Bad boyish
-Arrows and knees

Hannah Thinks.....
Malls are amazing
Basketball players are sexy
Starbucks Frap Carmel are heaven!

That is it for now, stay sexy (:

-Anthony :D

Jordan was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love alaskan pipelines :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And all I need, is here & now

Quotes of the Day:

"Never cry over someone that won't cry over you."

"I'm sorry that everyone hates me. But I can't help it that I'm so popular--Mean Girls"

Me, being stupid of course, left my blog account signed in on Anthony's netbook and he wrote the last post. It actually kinda sounded like me...
I'm excited for tommorow.
I've decided wavy hair is my new style.

Best pickup line ever:
Guy: "asdfrtghikolkiujhytrew"
Girl: "?"
Guy: "Sorry, my phones broken. It needs a sexy pic of you in it."

Hannah Thinks...
Guys gossip alot for being guys.
They also cause alot of girl's drama.
Starbucks is great.
Our basketball teams fails.
I shouldn't have taken French.
I get to go shopping tommorow!

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Well, I offical am a boss. I love AP and turtles with flame throwers. I then was so cool but I took an arrow to the knee. Now I can't dance for today's game ): So anyways, people are finding out that I am going to North for the last grading period. I am leaving March 10th because I got accepted yesterday. I am leaving my amazing friends behind for people I don't know and hot guys. Did I tell you how hot they were? (: Anyways, thinks I like!

- Turtles
- Boys that are tall
- Athletic guys
- I love dancing
- Birthday pictures with unicorns (AKA Anthony's picture)
- Guys that cook

That is it for now, stay sexy. (;

I'm Sexy and I know it

Quote of the Day:

"I want you to make me feel like the only girl in the world, not the third one you've said that "sweet" thing to tonight."


My netbook is still broken so I'm using Anthony's (:
I'm excited because I'm switching school next month! Even though I've been liking Thompkins since after Christmas Break. Oh well. The school I'm going to go to is way better than the highschool I'm supposed to go to next year.
Yesterday was my birthday<3 It was pretty amazing. My friends decorated my locker & made me this card that everyone signed. & I got sang Happy Birthday too 5 times <31

Hannah Thinks...
Guys at the school I'm going to are HOT.
My Birthday was amazing(:
Tommorrow's FRIDAY!
This post has to be short because this isn't my netbook :(