Thursday, March 08, 2012

Out of the darkness & into the sun, no I won't forget the ones that I love

Hannah Thinks...
I don't have Science today! Thankfully...
Istep is over. Yes.
2 days left here :(
Musical is tonight<3
It's raining...
Do guys plan to wear matching clothes?
I have random guys clothes : this one guys belt, this one guys jacket, and this one guys phiten necklace...
I'm gunna miss people </3

So today has just felt like really.. Slow I guess. Like it's been the longest day ever and its only 3rd period...
I really don't have anything to talk about today suprisingly....
It;s freezing in here because people won't close the window :/ so annoying.
Well. Bye<3

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Home should be where the heart is, never were words so true...

Hannah Thinks...
I still haven't seen the movie Gone....
M&M's <3
Dress codes :/
School's annoying.
Abercrombie is expensive but has adorable clothes.
I don't want a boyfriend right now...
Summer 2012.
This has been a long week. & It's only Tuesday.
(jk, I'm not suicidal).

So I broke up with my boyfriend. He was being difficult about it too. Guys annoy me. I'm really just not the kind of girl that likes to date. Being single is way more fun & I can talk to who ever I want too without feeling guilty at all <3

I only have 3 days left at this school.*Tear*. People keep telling me to stay... But I don't want too. I'll miss people, but definately not the school. But what if everyone hates me at the new school? Ugh.
I mean, I'm not the most inviting person, but I'm friendly enough. Its easier for me to talk to guys I don't know than girls though. Weird right? Hmm.

I should probably get my sleep since we have Istep tommorow. Yeah. "sleep".
Well... Night<3

Monday, March 05, 2012

Oh your a good boy? That's cool ; I play pretend too.

So life has been pretty boring. Actually it hasn't. But I'm not really even going to talk about whats been going on.... Let's just say... How often do 2 older guys you've had history with that aren't your current boyfriend want to get with you? Um. never. Grr.
I can't believe I just said grr. It feels like 6th grade again...
So. I have done some of the stupidest things eveer. And I don't even know why. People are stupid. I should never ever ever listen to what people tell me to do. Ever.
My little brother is being rather annoying...

Hannah Thinks...
I get so confused.
Can't deny that I want you but I'll lie if I have too.

Be careful what you wish for ; you just might get it.

So I found one issue I have. Every guy I start to get serious & talking too, I look for something wrong with them. Because there is something wrong with all of them. Like I'm talking to this guy & he just seems so perfect that there has to be something wrong with him... Oh well.
I was having a perfectly nice night, watchin Ridiculousness & cuddling with my puppy until my sister & brother kept bugging me. Sooo annoying.
I have a new texting buddy. He's kinda stupid... Oh well.
Hopefully going to the movies tommorrow<3 To see This Means War.

Hannah Thinks.
Guys confuse me.
My puppy is like my baby.
Peopleee :/

Forgot to post this on Feb. 19th... I always do this...

I'm going through the same day, same life, same way I always do ; when I saw you from the corner of my eye

Quotes of the Day:

So I've been pretty busy. Friday I walked to Starbucks with my best friend & these 3 guys. & met this other guy there that I didn't even mean to invite. Blonde moment...
Well its Valentine's Day. Which I personally think is overrated. And no. I am not just saying this because I'm single. I'm single BY CHOICE. I don't just date every guy that wants to get with me like some girls...
The chocolate roses got delivered today. I got 2. One from my bestfriend & one from someone that didn't sign it with anything... Hmm.
This girl I know was having people put a candy or something for Valentin'e's Day on her boyfriends desk every period. She had me do it 3rd. It was a really cute idea.

Wrote this yesterday & forgot to post it...

hannah thinks...
Researarch papers :/
I mean to post this like the day after Valentines day but forgot.... Soooo. Yeah.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Uhm, hello ; can we get the party started?

Quote of they Day:
"You never know a good thing until its gone."

So I had a pretty fun weekend. I always see the most awkward people at the mall though.... And then Emma talked me into doing something that I haven't decided if I regret it or not... *sigh*
Boys make life way more difficult than it should be. And I think my boyfriends mad at me? We didn't talk all day... Hmm.
Fine then. I had some interesting conversations with my tall stupid-ish guy friend anyways.
This is my last week at this school. And Musical is this Thursday and Friday. & we have Istep Tuesday through Thursday...
On Friday we were stuck in the hallway forever because of tornadoes & stuff in the area. So we have to have our assembly tomorrow now.
I just finishes the book The Hunger Games. Best.Book.Ever.
I can never spell hunger right on my first try...

Hannah Thinks
I got this really sparkly eye makeup <3.
I <3 my puppy.
Lil Freak by Usher & Nicki Minaj is a good song.
Siblings are annoying.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'm obsessive, when just one thought of you comes up...

Quote of the Day:
"Can I have your number?" "Sure. You want my boyfriends too?"

Hannah Thinks...
That awkward moment when the person next to you in class is reading your blog....
"Is your mom a baker?" "No, why?" "Cause she made one cutie pie." ;) hehe
I hate Istep.
Opening night for our musical is in one week!
I'm sleepy.
I look pretty dang good for getting ready in like half an hour...

People at my school are so awkward....
I only have 6 days left of attending this school! I'm kinda sad.... :(
Some of the guys at the school where I'm gunna go have this weird idea that I'm bi? At the game yesterday we were messing with them. Then I realized oh crap in less than 2 weeks I'm going to be going to school with these people & all I need is for on my first day them to be like "oh yeah theres that one bi chick..." Some people will believe anything you tell them.... Stupidness....
What Wednesday means to me: A new Jenna Marbles video <3
I still can't believe I didn't post a picture of my puppy yet... I'll get on that(: She's like scared of my dad though. She's so small... He accidentally kicked her the other day and she like flew across the room... Poor puppy. I mean, she's a chihuahua. She's just asking for abuse...