Sunday, September 16, 2012

You & I, we'll be young forever

So this weekend was fun. I didn't do much except for Saturday night but oh well. I was super tired. I went to a bonfire at my friend's house though.
And she  likes this guy. And this guy knows she likes him. And then we hung out at the bonfire last night. Then he texted me afterwards & said he "kinda" liked me... Because that doesn't make things complicated at all.

Oh. & funniest thing ever (for me at least, you will probably just think its stupid but oh well).
So we went to my grandma's house tonight for dinner. And guess who lives in my grandma's neigborhood? "John" (the guy that got me grounded this summer). So he had been texting me yesterday asking me if I wanted to hang out last night and then he was texting me today too and then I just stopped replying because he was like "yeah you should come over and not watch football with me"... So we're just sitting in my grandma's living room and she has this huge window so that you can see the street out front. So we're just sitting there & this pretty blonde girl goes walking by down the street texting & I'm just sitting here like "okay, I bet you anything that girl is going to John's house." So we're still all just sitting there still and about 5 minutes later here comes the same girl walking down the street. And she's with a guy. Not just any guy though. John. So I'm just sitting here cracking up like yeah they're totally "going on a walk" and I know exactly what they're going to be doing.
Little manwhore & pretty stupid girl.
Always works out that way...

So like. At the bonfire everyone was saying me & this ginger guy that was sitting next to me would be a cute couple. He's a cool ginger though. & a football player. & dresses really well. But he's not really cute. And I can't date another ginger after The Ginger because then everyone will make fun of me :( Poor gingers.
I swear though. This ginger has a girlfriend but he was totally flirting with me last night anyways.

And then there's my guy that goes to Sig. He's super cute. But not really crazy or anything like that. Which is kinda not the type of guy I usually go for.. But maybe that could be good.

Hannah Thinks..
Tomorrow is a green day. Yay!
There was this guy at the bonfire...
That had a super sexy body...
It was super super hot...
But he's "talking" to this ugly girl.
Like seriously.
There are really very few ugly people in this world.
Some are just more attractive than others.
But no.
She is seriously not cute.
In any way.
Or Form.
And she's annoying.
Very bad judgment for The Guy with the Sexy Body.
He's a football player.
Mayber football players are hot after all.
Soccer players are delish though.
I already did my math homework!
Without having to ask cute Sig guy for help!
Asking him for help wouldn't have neccessarily have been a bad thing.
I really want to talk to The Ginger.
Not the bonfire ginger.
But The Ginger.
I don't miss him as a boyfriend neccessarily.
I just miss him being in my life at all.
I hate how we don't talk anymore.
At all.
We haven't had a real conversation in months.
That's really sad...
He was like my bestfriend/make out partner.
Hahahahah MOP.
Get it?
Make Out Partner = MOP.
One of my friends made that up forever ago...
Those were the good days...
Not really.
But yahno.
Cute boy tried stealing my word from me today.
I set him straight ;)
That sounds dirty...
Then again..
Doesn't everything nowadays.
I'm already getting tired again..
Boys make no sense.
Like seriously.
And I think me & the guy that my friend likes but he likes me...
Might have had like a "moment".
Like yahno.
We were alone.
In the dark.
And we didn't actually do anything.
But still.
A moment.
Not really.
That makes no sense.


~no regrets~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take me to your best friends house, marmalade we're making out

Hannah Thinks...
Florence & the Machine are seriously amazing.
So are the Fray.
And Usher.
Dangly earrings make me feel prettier.
Who knows why..
I really want an Iphone.
And I might actually get one soon!!!!
5 months until my birthday!
Guys that can play the piano >>>
& soccer players >>>
My mom wears her hair in pigtails...
I adore her <3
My puppy is being bad.
I <3 my indie playlist.
When in doubt, listen to John Mayer.
Helps everything.
I get my Twitter & Facebook back soon!!!
I've actually been going to sleep somewhat early for me.
I suck at math...
A cute boy even tried helping me!
That was kinda cute though..
It's offically Fall!
My life is made.
I want to go to a pumpkin patch!
And I get to go on a trip to IU soon with a bunch of people <3
Bonfire this weekend!!!
Well I hope.
I have lunch next!
And it's a green day <3
Step Up 2 has the best soundtrack.
So does Twilight.
Even though Twilight is kinda totally overrated.
I still haven't gotten a pair of vans!
And I want another pair of Toms...
I hate my dreams.
They're so weird.
My thoughts suck today so I'm just going to go.


~No Regrets~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're together, now we're undone

Oh my gosh. Usher has the hottest voice ever. Like seriously. I'm in love <3
And guess what? It's fall! Like officially. I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove fall so much!
Is it bad that I've already started my Christmas list? I really want a cute super fluffy white robe to wear while I'm getting ready... Am I lame or what?
But this weekend was fun. I went to a football game on Friday with some friends then on Saturday I had to babysit my little brother then I went over to my bestfriend's house.

Hopefully our plans to have a bonfire at this girl's grandparent's house this weekend will work out. They live in this huge house and have a big yard and everything.
I want to have a bunch of people over on like Friday too... And theres a pretty big football game on Saturday... And I want to hang out with this cute guy I met... And my best friend that goes to Central wants us to do something too... I still have no money. And I need to start saving up for the IU football game trip coming up again <3

So it's 9/11... I'm only 14 so I was really young when it actually happened but I was thinking about how scary it would have been if I actually realized what was happening...
It's my best guy friend's birthday too! Well his and his 2 brother's (their triplets) so I need to make him a card! I probably won't be able to give it to him today though since I have show choir & then my sister is running at a cross country meet...
Good Songs
Be Ok--Ingrid Michaelson
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)--Foster the People
Shake it Out--Florence & the Machine
Full Moon--The Black Ghosts
Moving in the Dark--Neon Trees
Now or Never--Outasight
You Found me--The Fray
Stop & Stare--One Republic
Chasing Cars--Snow Patrol
Your Body is a Wonderland--John Mayer
Gravity--John Mayer
Free Falling--John Mayer
She is Love--Parachute (Only the acoustic version though)

Hannah Thinks...
I'm super hungry.
Lunch is next period.
The ginger wants to sit with us...
I can't wait for this weekend.
I love this weather!
September & October are the best months ever.
I'm dressing up my puppy for Halloween.
She's going to hate me for this.
This creepy guy is in my homeroom now... He creeps on me.
I am in love with Usher & John Mayer's voice.
Seriously. I want to go to a John Mayer concert.
Or a Nicki Minaj concert...
Or the Cab.
Or Justin Bieber <333333
I feel like dancing...
This is a good song.
The guys at North sadly aren't that cute....
But the hot black guy that said I was pretty at the assembly on Friday....
People are annoying though.
If you don't want me to talk to a guy because you like him or something...
Tell me.
I won't talk to him then.
But you can't just expect me to know.
Or don't say I can talk to him & then get mad.
People nowadays...
The fact that Pretty Girl Rock used to be me & my friends theme song >>>>
Actually it still is...
We're cute.
Well kinda.

~No Regrets~

Friday, September 07, 2012

I hang in my blue jeans, sway in my blue jeans, representing Georgia so I twang in my blue jeans

"Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted"
This quote explains everything. Every single thing you've done, you obviously wanted to do it in some way or else you wouldn't have done it. Sure, other people may have pressured you into doing it or convinced you to do it, but ultimately, when it came down to it, the decision was yours. And this is why my motto is No Regrets. Why regret something thst you know you wanted at some point in time, even if you don't want to believe that now? That's just stupid. Live with no regrets.

My Bucket List
-Become fluent in French (already working on this)
-Travel to France
-Visit New York
-Go skydiving
-Go cliff jumping
-Go gnoming
-Go tping ( I can't believe I haven't already done this)
-Learn another language other than English or French
-Intern for a magazine/radiot station
-Work in the haunted houses for Halloween
-Get out of this annoying little city

Bucket List worthy things I've done
-Seen a Broadway Play (Wicked)
-Starred in a Play (Anne in Diary of Anne Frank)
-burned a guy's sweatshirt
-Kissed a guy I just met (that was on my summer bucket list but probably not my greatest idea ever...)
-Taken pictures on the Zipper at the fair
-Saw Hunter Hayes live in concert
-Been best friend's with the same girl since 2nd grade. (Yes, we even lasted through middle school & are still best friend's today)

Yeah. The things I've done kinda suck...

Oh well. This was supposed to be posted last night.

~No Regrets~

Thursday, September 06, 2012

You've been saying all night long that you couldn't wait to get me all alone

So my new theme song is Blue Jeans by Jesse James. My bestfriend's sister was playing it in the car today & I'm officially in love <3
We always listen to the best music in the morning.
Yesterday was a John Mayer & Ingrid Michaelson day. Today is definately an Usher and Drank in My Cup kinda day.
See. My bipolar music taste.
Lemme See--Usher. Good song. <3

Hannah Thinks....
Algebra 2 is hardd.
I'm good at French though.
Ghetto music today? I think yes.
Speak is a good book.
I brought a taco salad for lunch today <3
I'm hopefully going to the North vs. Bosse game at Bosse tomorrow with my friend (:
I'm kinda happy I'm not a cheerleader or dancer or anything...
The dance team kinda sucks anyways...
You can't dance to Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
Just no.
I'm going to my siuster's track meet today...

~No Regrets~

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

We are the young & wise too, we require certain skills

So the John Mayer pandora station is my new favorite thing ever <333
And I'm talking to this super cute guy I met at the game Friday... And he actually listens to good music! And he can play the piano <3 How dreamy is that?
But there's one slight problem... My friend might like him. She claims she doesn't but who knows... He asked her for my number after the game since I actually met him through her and she gave it to him but I didn't text him back the first couple times he texted me because I thought she liked him so then she was like "Oh my gosh you have to text him back! I seriously don't like him at all!" So I did... But what if she does like him? She keeps saying she doesn't but I'm afraid she does...
I had a dream about the ginger last night. Enough said...
I want to go to the movies this weekend... But there are no good movies out unless I want to see the Dark Knight Rises and I am forever more refusing to watch Batman or Spiderman. Ever.
I brought the best lunch ever today. A spinach salad with honey mustard dressing, carrots, & feta cheese, Apples & yogurt dip, and almonds. <3
I'm already super hungry though. And we're rehearsing for showchoir during enrichment next period.
My Hair needs to grow! It's so sad.
My biology teacher today is wearing these striped flats with striped colorful socks. No. I just want to dress her... She's honestly clueless when it comes to clothes.
But seriously. The John Mayer station is like the best thing ever.
So today when we pulled into school we were playing Get Low super loud with the screen rooof open. Funniest thing ever. Just 4 totally white preppy girls dressed in school uniforms climbing out of a suburban with that song blaring in the background. Rather entertaining.
OMGOMGOMG The Fall Fesetival is in a month!!!!! I'm so freaking excited! I live for fall, not even kidding. We need to get fall weather though. It's been in like the 90's the past week... It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend though so that should be lovely. I love fall so much <3333

Guys with Sexy Voices
John Mayer.
Chris Brown.
Justin Bieber.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

When she was just a girl, she expected the world

So I'm sitting in U.S History, which is possibly the most boring class ever. My teacher just talks for an hour & a half straight. Not even kidding. So annoying.
I have a French test & a history text on Thursday too :/
Today totally feels like a Monday.
I love 4 day weeks though.
I actually have all A's right now except for in Algebra. I have a C in that though...
We're talking about Indians right now...

Hannah Thinks...
Being Indian sounds cool.
The John Mayer Pandora station >>>
North football games >>>
I am going to a concert this year. I have too.
50 minutes left in this class.
The weather here is sucking right now.
Only 20 minutes left now!

By for now..

~No Regrets~






Monday, September 03, 2012

No one can do you the way that I do, boy I

So this weekend was a success for sure.
Friday I had 3 friends over and we got ready for the North game. Then we went to the game where a cute black guy asked me for my number & I met this other super cute guy.
Then on Saturday I went to the mall with my bestfriend & got cute clothes.
Then Sunday night I slept over at my bestfriend's house with these 2 other girls & we went on a walk in the pouring rain. And cute boy I met at the game Friday asked this girl for my number and has been texting me...
So yes. very successful weekend. Anyways.

Pre-game pictures <3

Hannah Thinks...
Hello cute boys I met this weekend.
I miss my long hair sooo much.
I have showchoir tomorrow.
And get to be with Miss I Can Do Everything Perfectly.
Not even fair.
And I'm not kidding.
She's good at everything. And pretty. And nice.
That shouldn't be allowed to happen...
I hate Algebra 2.
But my C in it is getting higher.
Soccer players are hot.
I can't understand the way black guys text.
My bestfriend is the Black Whisperer.
For future reference, make sure you wear waterproof mascara on a walk in the pouring rain.
I want to go gnoming.
I need my Twitter back.
I'm over it.
Boys are so cute it's annoying.
That awkward moment when your friend likes a guy.
And she wants you to ask him if he likes her, right?
But you already know that he likes this other girl.
And the other girl likes him too.
And you have to tell your friend he likes someone else.
But you can't tell her it's the other girl.
Because her and the other girl are friends.
And that will just start drama.
Then again, won't anything.
How annoying.
I don't think I get jealous that easily?
Because I mean...
If the guy is your boyfriend he obviously chose you over other girls.
(unless he's awkward/ugly)
So there's no reason to be jealous.
You're the one that he chose as his girlfriend.
If he wanted to be with that other girl he would be.
So I actually get more jealous when I'm not dating the guy.
Because then he can still talk to whoever he wants and all that lovely stuff.
What's with high school dance teams & sucking?
I mean really...
They have some really good dancers on them..
But when you get them all out there together to perform..
Total trainwreck...

Enough ranting for tonight & I need to go read Speak for English tomorrow anyways.

~No Regrets~