Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You just wanna go where your problems won't follow, baby that's okay with me

Football games.
Being a good person.
Depressing songs.
Dangly earrings.
Triple dates.
Girls nights.
Taco salad.
Just breathe.
Chill days.
70 degree weather days.
Being different.
Missing people.
Dealing with stuff & not just ignoring it.
Not seeing him everyday.
Maroon 5.
Cute upperclassmen boys talking to you.
Light pink.
Bringing your lunch.
Cute socks.
Long hair.
Sock buns.
Neon Trees.

Stupid boys.
School lunches.
Ignoring people & problems.
Algebra 2.
Vanilla icing.
This dresscode.
Annoying people.
Middle School dances.
Not being able to walk to Starbucks after school.
Awkward boys.
Sucky flirting.
My Biology teacher's wardrobe.

~No Regrets~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your the best, you deserve a crown b*tch.

So today was interesting. I think the guys at North got hotter this week... Seriously. Yumm. Like there is this really cute guy I met in show choir... He's a senior though.. & this cute guy whose either a sophmore or junior was talking to me in French today. Helllooo.

But anyways. If I could thank the ginger for anything, it would be for getting me to realize you can never believe the crap guys will say to you. So this would be me & "john's" conversation last night. I honestly found this conversation very funny. But yeah.

him: you awake?
me: yeah
him: you want to talk?
me: about?
him: anything
me: um okay
him: I miss youu
me: ..
him: what?
me: nothing
him: is that bad?
me: is it?
him: I don't think so other than you act like you hate me hahah
me: Well you did hook up with alooot of girls this summer
him: honestly yeah...But they all knew it was gonna be a one night thing? It's not like I told any one of them I liked them. The only one I told I actually liked and wanted something more with was you
me: I don't think I could ever really look at you as more than a guy to hook up with a couple of times.
him: to hook up with or that you did hook up with?
me: that I did hook up with
him: And why is that?
me: idk, because you're you.
him: Good reason.
me: I know.
him: I was being sarcastic but ya...
me: Well I'm going to sleep. Night.
him: okay..

Hahahahahah yeah right. He's such an idiot. Because I'm totally going to fall for the whole "You're the only one I ever really liked, they were all for just one night " thing. I did date the ginger and some other douchey players before, remember?
What I don't get is what does he still want from me though? I'm not going to lie, I have kinda been a total bitch to him the past couple weeks and it's not like there aren't other girls that would hook up with him? Boys confuse me...

I need to do some major shopping soon. I'm in desperate need of another purse & some cute boots & a denim &/or leather jacket and floral jeans and mascara & Sephora eyeliner and Toms and Pink perfume and a cute sweater and some ripped jeans from Pacsun and some gray converse and Yoga capris from Pink and bright pink lip stain and glittery gold eyeliner and feather earrings and cute earbuds... Too bad all of that would cost like at least $200 at the cheapest and I have like $10. How sad. I need a job. Badly.

So guess how this super hot sophmore guy I know got kicked out of his old school? ( he goes to North now, but I'd talked to him before)... He had sex with his girlfriend in the SCHOOL NURSES OFFICE. And no, I'm not lying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Who even does that? He's super sexy too.... Why are the hot ones always nasty or gay or players or douches or manwhores or liars or stupid or fags or a mixture of those? How sad.

Hannah Thinks...
Umm. I actually have no idea what I'm thinking so I'm just going to end this post now...

Toodles. <3
Eww. I sound like I'm in 7th grade again. Those were my darkest days, I swear... Oh well, I was cute. (And knew it too, which just made me even more annoying.)

~No Regrets~

Monday, August 27, 2012

2 am and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake, and you help me unravel my latest mistake, I don't love him, winter just wasn't my season.

I always have so many things to do but not enough time to do them, I swear. Especially on school nights. I have a long list of things I need to get done & never enough time to do them... I did have time for an hour & a half long nap earlier though... Which definately isn't going to help with the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm incapable of going to sleep before midnight. I seriously just can't. I will no joke lay in bed for 3 hours in the dark doing nothing trying to fall asleep & I just won't be able to. I'm definately a night person.
So we finally got doors up in our den! Now it's going to be perfect for having people over... I want to have some North girls over this weekend. We don't have school on Monday, thankfully. I love 3 day weekends... But what can we do? We can't drive yet... There's pretty much just the movies, the mall, mini golfing... we could go go-karting I guess. Or go to Orange Leaf or GiGi's cupcakes....But I only have like $10. That movie Posession or whatever is coming out this weekend though & it looks really good.
So all of the girls at North get so annoyed of each other. I've finally kind of gotten to the point where I'm just like I'm okay with everyone. But everyone is like "oh my gosh she's so annoying" about everyone. And people annoy me easily. Well mainly younger people, which is part of the reason I think I like high school so much ; there's no one younger than us.
I don't think there's a football game this weekend... How depressing.
I use that word alot now. Oh well.
So I really want to sing the songs Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy or Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalick for something... I'll probably use one of them next time I audition for a musical or whatever... But I think I'm going to make a video of me singing one of those and put it on Facebook (whenever I get that back) or Youtube... I could do Popular from Wicked too I guess.
Hahahahahah "John" just texted me asking if I was awake... You think a guy could take a hint by now, I mean seriously.
But I was talking to my friend that got grounded with him too at the game and apparently afterwards he wouldn't talk to her at all. Like he wouldn't text her back and even blocked her on Twitter. I can't decide which is worse, having him ignore you or having him still want you after everything... Then again. I don't blame him for wanting me... Jk, Not that conceited.
He just texted me again & asked if I want to talk? What's that supposed to mean?
Stupid, stupid boys.
They're just too cute, it's not fair.

Hannah Thinks...
I hate my retainer.
Some people just can't take a hint.
I mean really.
I had Wendy's for dinner <3
I wanted Chinese food though...
Do they call our food American food in China?

Hahahahahahah so I'm going to stop this list so I can laugh at the stupidity of boys once more. So after "john" said that I texted back & was like "about?" And he just replied and said "I miss youu." hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Excuse me while I go laugh at him & his douchey playerness wanting to hook up with me again.
Well that's enough for now.
Goodnight my loves <3

~No Regrets~

You're gonna love me like you ain't loved nobody before

I'm super super hungry! At least I have lunch next period... But yeah. Today's been really boring so far. I'm so happy I'm ungrounded. And it's almost fall!!!! Hello football games, the Fall Festival, Halloween, haunted houses, cute clothes, & the best weather ever. I honestly can't say what was my favorite part of last year though. Some days I'll say I liked the beginning of the school year, sometimes I'll say the school year after Christmas Break, & sometimes I'll say this summer. They were all pretty great in some way.
Adam Levine has the most amazing voice ever. I'm in love with the song Daylight by Maroon 5. All of their songs are amazing though... I have way to many favorite songs. I could never pick just one.

Hannah Thinks...
Adam Levine...Marry me?
I need to re-paint my nails.
I'm going to have a pretty huskie when I get older.
There is nothing to do here :/
Like seriously.
My purse is super heavy today for some reason.
My mom won't buy me any new shoes because she says I have to many.
Too bad she has so many they won't even fit in her own closet.
Seriously. They're in hers, my sisters, and my brothers.
Who does that?
I want to go tping!
I've never actually been tped...
Which is kinda shocking.
Some sophmore guys went skinny-dipping in our pool though like a month ago.
Funny thing is, it's like 3 feet deep?
Do you ever have those guys that just look like they want to rape you?
I hate that...
Is there a North football game this Friday? hmm.
Songs explain my life. So much.
I want to do something crazyyy.
We have like a bazillion cupcakes left over from my brother's birthday.
Ice cream sounds super good right now.
We got like this chocolate kind with oreos in it...
So yummy.
I'm trying to eat healthy though.
I suck at this.
That awkward moment when someone draws something bad on your hand.
And you don't realize its bad so you leave it.
I'm so short.
It's kinda cute though.
But rather depressing.
Especially when I realize I'll never be able to reach the top shelf of our kitchen cabinets. Ever.
You know what else is depressing?
The fact that my sister ate all the left over taco meat.
So I couldn't have a taco salad for lunch today :(
But on the bright side...
I am really good at picking out outfits really fast.
But since I can only dress myself once, I dress my sister too.
Like I got to wear something cute to the football game & I picked out her outfit too.
Genius right?
But yeah.

~No Regrets~

Sunday, August 26, 2012

And now we murderous, cause we kill time

Taking a break from my homework to blog. Even though I have nothing to talk about. Oh well. Better than homework. I'm listening to Bed Rock.  <333 Best song ever. I miss all the songs that came out like 3-4 years ago. Those were the best. I can never have just one favorite song though. There are just to many good songs out there.
It felt like fall today. I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove fall. Like, I can't even explain how much I love it. It's so amazing <3
Now I'm listening to Hunter Hayes. He's so cute <333
I reaaaaallllllyyyy want my twitter back. Like really bad.
I'm still saying like alot.
So I haven't been talk talking to any guys and no I'm starting to miss it. I miss having someone to talk about my day with and all that.
The lyrics to Wanted by Hunter Hayes are the sweetest thing ever. Hearing him sing it live was the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life. No joke. But songs give girls unrealistic visions of guys. They never say the stuff you hear in songs. How depressing.
My mom made fun of me for saying that's depressing earlier today. I kinda have my own original way of talking I noticed. I say Story of my life alot too...
But yeah.
Hot Songs.
Birthday Cake--Rihanna
Strip--Chris Brown.
Give it up to Me--Shakira
Booty Wurk--T-Pain
Take me on the Floor--The Veronicas
Break Ya Back--Timbaland & Dev
Cockiness (Love it)--Rihanna (weirdest song ever...)
I Can Transform Ya--Chris Brown
Give it to Me--Timbaland

Saturday, August 25, 2012

And when the daylight comes I'll have to go, but tonight I'm gonna hold you so close

So last night was totally fun and somewhat awkward. But very interesting at the same time. The ginger never even acknowledged the fact that I was there ( at least I don't think he did)... And he's gotten uglier! Like seriously. He got his hair cut short and was wearing this ugly hat in Central's colors... Not cute. At all. Central lost too. But anyways. I saw John too. I was actually standing right behind him pretty much the whole game. So awkward. My best friend's boyfriend (who I'm also good friends with) was trying to make things super awkward for me too. But he kept like staring at me. My friend was like "will you stop turning around?" and he was like "why?" & she was like "because I don't like you". She's so honest it's funny... But yahno. This one guy that I went to school with in like 6th & 7th grade but goes to some other highschool was there too since he hangs out with "john" & that group of guys... He kept talking to me and mocking me & trying to take my phone & he finally got it out of my pocket and put his number in as "Sexy "Bob"" (Not his real name) hahahahaha so I put mine in his phone as "Beautiful Hannah" and he started texting me last night and was like "why do all the hot girls go to North?" Exactly what I was wondering too... And "John" texted me. I was like "you kept staring at me" & he was like "no I would just look at you when you said something or somebody was talking to you" & I was like "Oh well it was funny" and he was like "Oh okay. Bye." Hahahaha I'm good, right? Boys are idiots though....
My bestfriend's boyfriend is trying to get me with one of his friends. He's just like you guys should date & me & his friend are just standing there awkwardly like "we'ver never even talked to each other?" It was kinda funny.
And then there was the baby powder... It's like a Central ritual to throw it everywhere at the very beginning of the game & after the 1st half. The only thing is, everyone gets completely covered in it. It looks super cool though. Imagine like 100 people all throwing a handful of baby powder up in the air at the same time in the dark under all these lights. I smelled like it and it was all in my hair afterwards though....
So I adore high school. Like seriously though.
Like random guys will just be like there's a party at this guy's house tomorrow, you need to be there. Too bad the guys looked like creeps and I probably would have gotten raped if I would have gone...
I say like alot. I'm going to stop saying it so much. But like... That's going to be really hard. Like what else am I supposed other than like?
Today was so boring. I should have done something interesting... Too bad I'm broke. Laaaame.

Hannah Thinks...
My sister breaks everything she touches. Not even kidding.
My puppy is precious. Until she poops in my room. Stupid puppy.
I made cupcakes for my brother's family birthday party. They're amazing.
I had to clean today :/
I'm good at cleaning though.
Who puts blue carpet in a house?
School uniforms should be against the law. Taking away our individuality...
Like only 3 people texted me today. I'm a loner.
Moving in the Dark--Neon Trees is my new favorite song. So chill sounding.
I could never date a super super tall guy because how am I supposed to kiss him?  Shortie for life...
I'm never going to be able to reach the top of my locker. That's just depressing.
Navy blue nailpolish >>>
Pink perfume >>>
Homework <<<
It's almost fall!!!!!
That awkward moment when you get in a car because you think it's your mom's but it's really not.
I really want to go back to Indy.
I love sunglasses. & shoes. & purses. & jewelry. & clothes. <3
I talk alot. Oh well.
I think I must be a mockable person because guy's always mock me...
Then again, they usually hit on me afterwards so maybe they're just doing crappy flirting.
I attract redheads. This could be scary.
It's probably because I dated a ginger & now they're like "it's a girl that actually dates gingers!"
(Because who actually dates gingers anymore?)
That ginger WAS hot though.
Now he's uglayyy.
That's what you get for always hanging out in the dark...
Eh. At least he had a nice body.
But this new ginger isn't even a ginger! He has red hair and brown eyes...
So he's a redheaded non-ginger.
Yeah. Because that makes sense...
And no, I do not like Mexican guys, despite what you may have heard.
& he's not even Mexican anyways, get it right.
I hate it when guy's dress super hot but they aren't cute. So depressing....
Mixed football players >>>>
#4's >>>
Chocoalate >>>
Crickets <<<
I will never ever ever eat ham again after today.
I went un-vegetarian.
So I had tacos  <3

~No Regrets~

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hands up if your down to get down tonight, it's always a good time

My first Friday ungrounded in like a month!!!! And Central football game tonight! I'm super excited. I'm not wearing Gold & Brown (Central's colors) or Green (North's colors) tonight though. I'm going neutral. But anyways. Soccer players are offically the hottest guys ever. No joke. I'm pretty sure me & my friends spent a good half of our lunch period ogling the junior soccer players at the table next to us. Yum. They're tall & skinny with abs. My favorite. But helllooo.
I'm pretty sure redheads are just attracted to me. Not even joking.
I haven't taken a picture of myself in foreverrrr so I decided to tonight... They were okay.. I suck at taking pictures of myself.

 Pre-game <33 (My shirt was doing some awkward dippy thingey in the front, I know)
I didn't especially like this picture when I first took it ( I don't even know what face I was trying to make...) but my eyes look really pretty so I kinda do now I guess hahah

~No Regrets~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I chimed in with a "haven't you people ever heard of closing a damn door, nope it's much better to fix these kinds of things with a sense of poise & rationality.

Hellooo lovely people reading my lovely blog. I am posting yet again as I'm sure you can see. But for the past 2 weeks I have seriously been in the best mood ever. I love North & highschool, I'm ungrounded, I'm going to the Central football game with my bestfriends tomorrow, and for the first time in forever I'm actually not talk talking to a guy. And I really like it. It's nice not having to worry about it. But I'm just happy in general. For no apparent reason. Maybe it's my "No Regrets" motto... Well whatever it is, I like it.
I mean honestly, I'm over letting all those little pointless things get to me. I mean, really, what's the point? What impact are the truly going to have on my life? I'm just going with the way things end up this year & not messing with any of the stupid drama people seem to like so much. It's just so much more fun that way.
I'm really excited about tomorrow. I don't even care that I might see the ginger & John. I'm just going to look amazing, and hang out with my loves <3
I hate having to get rides places though. Yet another reason I can't wait to drive. It's always "Can your parents drop off if my parents pick up?" It makes things so much more complicated. I can't wait until I can just be like "I'm going to the mall with so & so see you later". Seriously. Can not wait.
I don't think I really have anything to talk about... Hmm.
If any of you guys have a pintrest you should follow my boards! I'll follow back!
So yeah. That's all for now.
Nighty Night my loves.

~No Regrets~

I've wasted my nights, you turned out the lights, now I'm paralyzed still stuck in that time when we called it love but even the sun sets in paradise

So I'm in homeroon right now... Lunch next!
So I didn't make the play... I did okay at my auditions yesterday, but not my best for sure. I  don't really think I was really right for any of the character's though. There was one young girl & then pretty much everyone else was an adult. Oh well. There will be other plays & not getting cast is just kinda part of the process anyways. But I did make showchoir so that's good. There are some major drama/choir upperclassmen snobs though. Like those people that are really good, but know they are really good and pretty much expect to get any part they try out for. And even though they're good, they're so snobby about it you want anyone but them to get the part. I hate that.
So I'm hopefully going to the Central game with my bestfriend then sleeping over at her house tomorrrow <3
My bestfriend's are like my conscience's. One is like the good girl who's like "no don't do it, think about the consequences & you could get in trouble" & then the other one is alot like me and is like "Do it, why not, it will be fun"... So confusing. But I'm probably sleeping over at the crazy one's house this weekend. That should be....interesting... It always is.
I had a dream last night that I got in huge trouble & got grounded again. So I woke up this morning and was like ugh I'm grounded. Then I realized it was just a dream. Best feeling ever.
So I like can't decide if I love or hate the song Payphone...
Adam Levine's voice though... <3333
I'm really hungry.
I went un-vegetarian though... It was boring. So then I went home & ate sausage & olive pizza. AMAZING.
I love the song Drank in My Cup... It's like chill sounding but it's not at the same time.
I can't wait until I  can drive. I'm going to be driving around with my cute sunglasses on & all the windows down & the music blaring. I'm so excited for that. And being able to go anywhere I want whenever I want. I'm super happy I'm turning 18 my senior year, so that summer I can to another country or something with my friends & my parents won't be able to tell me I can't. I think they would actually let me go anyways though. I'm going to ask for them to help pay for a trip to Italy with my bestfriend & her family after my senior year as my graduation trip thingey. Me, her, & her sisters would have the most fun ever. We're all within 3 grades of each other so it's always interesting when we're together.

So if I do go to the Central game though... The Ginger is most likely going to be there. And "John" probably will be too since that whole crowd always goes... & I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm a slut? Thanks to guys being idiots and making up stupid stuff that makes them look good & us look bad. I hate it.
But once again. How come when a guy does something he gets applauded for it by other guys, but when a girl does something (even if she didn't do it & people are just saying she did!) she gets called a slut by other girls?
Society today sucks.
So I've decided I want to work for a magazine. Being a lawyer seems really uptight. And I am not like that at all. I don't think I would be serious enough for it. I do always have a pretty strong opinion on things & like being right though.
But working for like a fashion magazine would be so fun. Like writing articles or a blog or editing for it. And that seems like my kind of scene. And you still get to put in your opinion. And they are usually in big cities too.
The song Pound the Alarm makes me want to dance hahah.
There are so many good songs. I wish I could just listen to music all the time. Like seriously. Music is so much more enjoyable than people.
I want to go shopping really bad... Too bad I have no money. At all. I need to get money for tomorrow too....
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have an actual bestfriend. Like that would be sad. I have to have someone to tell everything too. I actually really have 4 bestfriends. My 2 girl bestfriend's, and then  these 2 guys. One is dating my crazy bestfriend & I tell him like everything. & he gives good advice. From the start he always told me he didn't think that the Ginger or John were a good idea. Too bad I like never listen to anyone's advice. Sigh. & the other one is this guy that lives in my neighborhood. Sweetest guy ever. My siblings & parents love him... I think he would seriously do anything I asked him too just because I wanted him to do it. So cute. But yeah. I feel bad for people without bestfriends... How depressing.

Hannah Thinks...
I wish my hair was naturally wavy. Really bad.
Music is my bestfriend too.
The album Believe by JB <3
I miss dance.
My little brother is 5 now!
I like the group of girls I hang out with at North.
Middle school drama is the stupidest thing ever.
I'm a night person.
I can never go to sleep at night & never get up in the morning. Sucks.
Chris Brown & Justin Bieber kinda sound alike sometimes. Weird...
I burned my arm on a hot tray from the oven. It looks nasty.
I haven't had Starbucks in forever!

Still Got It-- Tyga & Drake. <3333
Two hot voices in one song? Oh yes.
Bye darlings, have an amazingly lovely day. <3

~No Regrets~

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wondering what's on your mind, it must be hard to be that fine

Well. My day...
I got a callback for the part of Emily. She's the main girl lead... But so did my bestfriend & her sister. So we're all going to be going for that part. I honestly think that if one of us even gets us we will be happy. And there are some really good upperclassmen too, so who knows if one us will even get it. But we're pretty much definately in the play which is good.
I tried out for show choir today. That went pretty well. The dance we learned was so different from my typical dance team type of thing though. It was very... Show choiry I guess hahah. But they didn't use counts for anything, they did it all with words which was super weird. I'm a major counter when it comes to dancing.
I feel like tomorrow should be Thursday not Wednesday. Weird.
But I got creeped on at lunch today. By one of my former creepers & this other creepy guy. This guy followed me & my bestfriend around at the mall last summer... Creepy right? It took him & his friends like 20 minutes of following us before they would actually talk to us. So creepy.
Do you ever have those people that just give you the creeps? Like those guys that are awkward & like you but their just really awkward people... Sometimes those guys creep me out... Not trying to be rude or anything... Idk. I'm weird.

I am in LOVE with the song Be Alright by Justin Bieber. It's my happy song. It's just so sweet sounding. That's what I want. I want a guy that when I'm having a bad day I can call him & he'll say exactly what the lyrics to the song are. Or better yet, sing them. I think thats asking for a bit much, but I mean, a girl can dream. You should really go look it up. even if you aren't a Bieber fan. It really is just a good song. I wasn't much of a fan of his until his last album. But it's just amazing. He sounds older and even sounds alot like Chris Brown at some parts. Believe. <3

Algebra 2 is impossible. It's only my second homework assignment in the class and I just could not figure out like 5 of the problems... I hate math.

I realized I have a special talent though. The ability to act incredibly stupid although I'm actually very smart. I just don't think before I do things. And don't pay enough attention some times. But I'm pretty sure the stupidest smart girl you will ever meet. Just saying.

I went to this inflatable place for my brother's birthday today.... Awkward.
My dad is getting surgery on his broken collar bone tomorrow & my parents are leaving at 4:30 in the morning. So it's just going to be me and my sister tomorrow morning. I hope she's ready for some blaring Drake music at 5 am while we're getting ready. Hehehe. But seriously. It's just depressing to listen to music quietly. I mean really. Who does that? I'm a blare the music so loud you can feel it type of person...
I'm eating popcorn. I've been craving it all day. So freaking good.
But guess what? I'm ungrounded!!!!! And hopefully spending the night at my bestfriend's house Friday (:

Whoop whoop!

~No Regrets~

Monday, August 20, 2012

been a long time I been missing your body, now lemme lemme turn the lights down, when when it goes down it's a private party

So I was just re-reading old posts... Very interesting. There was one about me apparently seeming like I was "against having boyfriends" ( totally not true by the way, most guys are just manwhores or players or cocky gingers nowadays though) & I said it was because I get bored too easily.... And I was thinking about that & realized that's what I really liked about the Ginger. He definitely wasn't the best boyfriend ever, but he also wasn't even close to being the worst. He was always really sweet with me and would do some of the cutest things for me. And I never got bored with him. And I get bored with like all guys at some point. I mean, he was kinda annoying sometimes.... But isn't everybody.
Anyways. I tried out for my school's fall production of the play Our Town today. They went pretty well. We're supposed to find out about callbacks tomorrow morning so I guess we'll see how that goes. This is my first high school play so this should be interesting. It's different because, yeah I think I did well, but compared to other people & the upperclassmen's abilities, how good was I really?  We didn't get to watch each other audition so that was kinda weird... but yeah.
And this super hot guy I talked to like a year ago goes to North now... He's friends with this guy thats friends with this guy that I had a major thing with last summer.... & yeah. He's gorgeous. He's a sophmore though... & apparently got expelled from his last school... From what I've heard & talking to him I can see that. Dang it. It's always the hot ones...
But this Friday there's a football game at North. & one at Central. My bestfriend (I actually have 2 hahah) wants me to go to the Central one with her & my other bestfriend wants me to go to the North one with her.... Decisions, decisions. & then this guy wants me to go to the mall with him Saturday too....
But I have officially decided that my vote has changed from basketball players being hotter to football players being hotter. Definitely. Then again... By the time it's basketball season I'll probably have changed my mind again. But the varsity football players? Oh my,, <3
And guess what I heard yesterday? So I found out about another girl "John" has hooked up with JUST this summer. The list is now...
Me (& my stupidity at the moment(s) involving him)
My crazy friend who shares my stupidity & ability to get caught up in a moment.
A pretty Sophmore from North.
The girl whose identity as of right now is unavailable to the public for private reasons.
And last but not least, the good girl gone badly redheaded freshman cheerleader at Central.
(that last one was pretty clever, was it not?) hehehe.
But like. HE'S NOT EVEN THAT CUTE. I don't get it. He's pretty popular though I guess.... But still. Man skank coming throughhh over hur. I'm going all ghetto on you now.... Hot right?

Can anyone say man whore?
& the funny thing is he still tries to talk to me. He's best friends with my bestfriend's older brother & was over at her house yesterday with him & I told her to hide since it seems that getting attractive Freshman girls grounded is his hobby.
What I can't believe is the fact that I got with him twice. Not just once. I did it again... Stupid, stupid girl... Like okay. Do it once. Regret it. Get on with life. Never works out that way with me... Maybe my parents are right...I was getting kinda crazy this summer.... But it was also the funnest summer I've ever had. So whatever. Now I just can't wait until next summer!

I'm giving my sister a spelling test... How lame. Buttttt. I'M UNGROUNDED. Yay for me <3
I'm in such a good mood right now. All you guys probably think I'm weird though. I find myself rather entertaining if you ask me.

Okay I'm just gonna go before I say something stupid(er than I already have).
Love you guyss!

~No Regrets~

Sunday, August 19, 2012

How ya feel how ya feel how ya feel, twenty-five sittin on twenty-five mil

Oh how I love hearing about my life from other people. Not.
But do you guys like my new blog layout? I redid it last night. & I love my Marilyn Monroe collage. I made it on Photovisi. You can make super cool collages so you should check it out.
But anyways.

Football games.
Princess Diaries 2.
Hanging out with girls.
Guys that can dress well.
Taking pictures.
Music festivals.
Guy friends. That are JUST friends.
Football players.
A new start.
Blood Orange sorbet.
Marilyn Monroe.
Hunter Hayes.
Sophmore boys.
Good kissers.
Slow dancing.
Long hair.
Tall & skinny guys.
Bright lips.
Spinach salad.

Man whores.
White guys that think they're black.
Being young.
Basketball players.
Starting drama.
Talking about people.
Middle school grudges.
Douchey lying idiot jerks.
Older man-whorish guys who enjoy getting middle school girls grounded.
^^Go fall in a hole.
Freshman boys.
School lunches.
Bruno Mars.
Algebra II.
Getting up early.
Being grounded.

~No Regrets~

Welcome to my house party party party

Goodmorning my darlings. (Even though it is already 12:15).
I hit my puppy with a door :( Now she's limping. I feel so bad.
Anyways. So I was talking to my bestfriend last night... & apparently there's stuff going around her school (the school I was supposed to go to) about stuff we did. With her bf (well ex actually) & the ginger this summer. And it's not true. Well at least the part about me isn't. But still. Why can't the guys just let it go? That's so immature & low. They are the ones that broke up with us (they're best friends too)? And we know it had to be them that told people because no one else knew what actually happened. I think her ex is mad because she got over him & found a good guy. A really good guy. Like seriously, he's probably one of the best guys I've ever met. And then the Ginger has the whole "John" thing to be mad about. Even though he really has no reason to be mad, he had broken up with me & we had decided to be friends. Well actually I'm just assuming he's mad because he won't talk to me. Like I ran into him & the said ex from above ex at Target last week and he just stared at me while her ex was like "Hey Hannah". Most awkward thing ever. But back to the real issue, I can't believe they would tell people that. Especially since I DID NOT do what people are saying I did. So annoyying.  For being guys they like starting drama. They're like major man-attention-seeking-whores. True story.
So they can go fall in a hole. Because I really don't even care anymore. I am honestly completely done with the ginger. But I don't regret anything I did with him. I'll be able to look back at my Freshman summer & be like "Oh I remember when I did that, it was crazy" & really everything was fun. At least I had a summer I'll remember & some good memories that came from it. And there's always my new motto "No regrets". These are the words I'm going to live by. It makes everything more interesting. & honestly, it is true that you should never regret anything, because it really was exactly what you wanted at some point in time.
So there ya go.
And I just remembered today is my last day of officially being grounded! Yay! I'm already making plans with people for next weekend. I need to get out of the house!
And my little brother is turning 5 on Wednesday. I <3 that kid.
This is Alex in like September last year. (& my lovely bestfriend's photography). But isn't he precious? <333

~No Regrets~

Saturday, August 18, 2012

She want a man don't need a man

I am super bored so I decided to post some pictures... Some are totally random & some tie in with things I've been posting about. Anyways, this is my baby Bella <3

Love these girls
 This was in like March... Thompkins girls.
 My best friend's photography
 On the Zipper at the fair
 Last day at Thompkins
 My tall friend.
 The Ginger.
 Holiday World class trip
 My lover. & my long hair </3
 My best friend!
 My love & my brother <3
 Circle time.
 The sweatshirt burning.
 oh yes.
 Burn baby burn.
 The results.
 Girls reunion.
 <3 themm
Fair to see Hunter Hayes <3

~No Regrets~

Yellow model chick, yellow bottle sippin', yellow lamborghini, yellow top missing

So of course when I'm grounded everyone wants to do something with me... One more day of being grounded!!! Thankfully. Anyways... Did I spell lamborghini right? hmm. I'm so bored.

Anyways. My music taste is like bipolar.

Playlist #1.
Look at me Now--Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes.
Make Her Say--Kid Cudi
The Motto--Drake
Drank in My Cup--Kirko Bangz
Booty Wurk--T-Pain
Make Me Proud--Drake feat. Nicki Minaj
Make it Nasty--Tyga
Ni**as in Paris--Kanye West & JAY Z
Find Your Love--Drake
No Lie--2 Chainz ft. Drake
Rack City--Tyga

Playlist #2.
You Found Me--The Fray
I Write Sins Not Tragedies--Panic! at the Disco
Forever & Always--Parachute
The Mess I Made--Parachute
She is Love--Parachute
Almost Lover--A Fine Frenzy
Bad--The Cab
Endlessly--The Cab
Intoxicated--The Cab
One of Those Nights--The Cab
Bounce--The Cab
Can You Keep a Secret--The Cab
Coffee & Cigarettes--NeverShoutNever
Drops of Jupiter--Train
Tongue Tied--Grouplove
Free Falling--John Mayer
Kiss me Slowly--Parachute
Chasing Cars--Snow Patrol

These are my 2 favorite playlist & they're totally different...

Anyways yeah. I'm not tired at all. Blahhhh. This is probably like the most boring post ever so I'm just going to go...

~No Regrets~

Friday, August 17, 2012

I used to think we were forever & I used to say never say never

So school started. I am grounded for 2 more days. Which is kinda depressing because North's first ever home game is tonight. It's their first home game in their own stadium & I don't get to go :( Oh well. At least I have my phone back. I got it back last weekend. And I'm officially ungrounded Monday! Yay! Bu high school is amazing. I'm so happy I switched to North. It's nice kinda getting a new start. And not having to see the ginger & John everyday... Block scheduling is kinda weird... But I have friends in all of my classes and lunch. I'm taking Biology and French II & Algebra II (I suck at math)... And I have P.E. But my bestfriend's older sister is a sophmore and will be able to drive before the end of the year. He mom already takes us to school & mine picks up but now I'll have her as a ride <3 football="football" hannah="hannah" players="players" thinks.="thinks." varsity="varsity">>> Gingers <<< Gym <<< Pictures >>> We are Never Ever Getting Back Together--Taylor Swift >>> Being able to drive >>> No Lie--2 Chainz & Drake >>> Green Day >>> The Cab >>> Sunglasses >>> Shoes >>> Fall >>> My hair <<< Being ungrounded >>> Peanut Butter >>> High School > Middle School Freshman guys at North <<< Sophmore guys at North >>> North > Central My blog >>> Twitter >>> (still deactivated... I'm having withdrawls.) My best guy friends >>> Flirting buddies >>> Gum >>> Algebra <<< Being single >>> Controlling boyfriends <<< Memories <<<>>> No regrets. Living louder tonight & dreaming longer tonight. (or not since I'm still grounded but you get what I mean.) XOXO--Hannah

Monday, August 06, 2012

Boy you can say anything you wanna, I don't give a shh no one else can have ya

I hate it here. So incredibly freaking much. I hate this town. I wish I lived somewhere big. I swear I was meant to live in a big city. I love being busy, love going out, the noise and loudness. Loud music, cute boys, tall buildings... It sounds so perfect. I would go to so many concerts and see al these broadway plays and everything... My dad thinks I'm rebelling. Maybe I am. I went vegetarian. I started doing dramatic eyeliner and wavy hair everyday (thats mainly for my indie style thing I want, but he doesn't like the eyeliner), dressing somewhat crazy and "trampy" (Its called being a 14 year old girl...) and I don't talk around him. Mainly because we don't agree on anything and why does he deserve to hear what I say? Its the small things they do to try to control me that really bugs me. Like how my mom says I can't drink coffee because it has to much caffeine? I don't even especially like coffee but now I'm going to drink it just because they said I shouldn't. And I'm not supposed to listen to explicit music? Screw that. I've heard it all already. And the way I dress. I'm going to dress the way I want too. And my makeup. They've finally given up on bugging me about that. They'd probably flip if they found out I had a blog. Oh well. I like writing. Alot. I doubt they even know that though. They say they feel like they don't know me anymore. Well maybe if you cared to ask how things are going? Like when I was dating the ginger neither of my parents ever asked how we were doing or anything. I can't wait to go off to college. I want to go far far away. And never look back. I guess I'll miss my mom kinda... But I'm pretty sure my dad will just be happy I'm gone. I feel like screaming my head off right now but I won't because of my whole silence not talking thing. But yeah. This post sucks and makes no sense and I'm kinda ashamed of my sucky writing skills here but I'm going to post it anyways since I took the time to write all this out. XOXO--hannah

Friday, August 03, 2012

Make it nasty

My friday night sucks. But I'm grounded so that ezplains it... And if someone would email me... You would seriously be the most amazing person ever. Not even kidding. Pleaseee. You know you want too. --> do it. Now. Thanks darlings (: you can even tell me your whole life story. I won't judge people are annoying anyways. I wish I had my phone back... I need to talk to people. Do I seem like I'm 14? I hate being so young. If I could change anything in my life I would make myself older. 17 at least. I could drive... I'd be legal in less than a year. Almost done with highschool... Sounds perfect. My age is constantly screwing me over. And people always assume I'm older than I am.... Then when they find out I'm 14 (and a half) they aren't interested in me. I hate it. And I'm not going to be that girl that's 14 and dting a 19 year old... Not like that would work out with my parents anyways... *sigh* XOXO--hannah

Don't you want me baby?

So I was thinking about last summer... And how different things were from this summer. At the beginning of last summer I hadn't even kissed a guy yet... And at the beginning of the summer I was talking to 4 guys at the same time. Talk talking. And one had a girlfriend...Then I met this other guy. Well we actually already knew each other but just as friends. Then we ran into each other again and he started texting me and things got interesting. But it was fun. Then this summer... I talked to a bunch of random guys... Met some new really cute ones... Got hit on by guys from my new school... And a bunch of sophmores from the school I'm supposed to go too. And a couple juniors... And a senior... And a freshman. In college. And he was STILL interested after I told him I was 14... Creeeep. But really. And somewhere between this all me and the ginger were still talking.... Then hooked up... Then got back together... Hooked up more.... Broke in a fight....apoligized....started talking again...i hooked up with "john"... Regretted it....hooked up with john again... Didnt regret it so much the second grounded.... Decided all boys should go fall in a hole. And there is my summer. Hahahahahahah wow. I'm really stupid. But I'm still grounded and desperately seeking someone to vent everything too... I'm a good listener too I've been told... But someone (if anyone is even reading this) should email me! We can vent to each other about how stupidly amazing peiple are.... XOXO--hannah

I'm just saying its fine by me if you never leave & we could stay like this forever its fine by me

So my bestfriend just left . I had missed her so much. I vented like the whole story that happened to her. I had to tell somebody the whole story because no one actually knows... And we made the best fudge ever. Seriously. Best thing you will ever eat. And watched Saw 3. Life scarring. Like I can watch stuff like that and it won't bother me. What gets to me is the sound and smell of things. Especially the smell. So I'm usually okay with movies. But just certain smells gag me for some reason. Its the most random smells too. My mom got poison ivy. Om her face. So looks like we're not going anywhere today. I'll jus read I guess. But its almost fall, m favorite season. I mean, amazng weather, foorball games, the fall festival, and halloween. I adore fall. Its just so perfect. I'm kinda ready for school to start though. I've been so bored. I hate it. It's mainly because I'm grounded though... *sigh* i'll vent later since I have no idea what to talk about now. XOXO--hannah

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The lights are out and I barely know you, its closing up and the place is slowing down, I knew you'd come around

So I'm still just being bored. And watching gossip girl. Blair pretty much just explained my way of thinking. She had 2 guys in love with her, and she's in love with both of them. But it 's in different ways.. With louie things are simple and easy and he makes her happy. But with Chuck things are crazy and intense and when they fight they always end up back with each other even with all the other people they've been with. I don't know who she'll choose. Louie is perfect. But her and Chuck have history. I kinda get what she's saying. It's so hard to let go of people. She chose louie... I actually think I would have picked Chuck. He's done terrible things. But still. I want something crazy, nft perfect

Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away

I had this dream last night. Aren't your dreams supposed to mean something? Be like a subconsious way of telling you something? This dream wasweird. All of my dreams are. But this one was really weird. In the dream I was at my grandparents house. They live in the middle of no where with like trees and cornfields surrounding them. And they have like a ton of land. Its actually really peaceful. But anyways. There was this guy there. And in my dream I knew him. But in real life I have no idea who he was? But I have to know him, don't I? I read somewhere that if someone is in your dreams, you have to know them, your mind can't just create a new person and put them in your dream. So thats the really weird part. Like he was john. But he wasn't actually John. I just had the same history with him that I had with John. But I don't know who the guy in my dream was. It's driving me crazy. We were like sneaking off and kissing and stuff but everone was trying to keep us apart. But we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. I can't believe i still can't figure out who the guy was. He was cute... But not stunning or anything. And he was so familiar. Thats all I can really remember though. Maybe I don't want to remember who the guy in my dream was. Maybe it's a sign. It was so weird. I'm kinda hoping I dream about him again so I can figure out who he is... We had a connection. At least in my dream... But who know. I'm probably just being weird. XOXO--hannah

You know that you could be my favorite one night stand

So. I always start my posts out by saying so... Oh well. I did absolutely nothing. Well. I did stuff. But none of its worth remembering. I feel so stuck. So trapped. I hate it. With a passion. Hah. The ginger used to always make fun of me for saying that. I haven't talked to him in almost 2 weeks. That is a record for me. Seriously. We never go this long without talking. Even the time I told him to just stop talking me, and he literally would not acknowlege my presence, even if his friends were talking to me, that didn't even last a week. This is so weird. But not in a bad way. What I needed was a break. And this is giving me one. And time for the whole John thing to blow over. And time for us to finally get over each other. And hopefully just go back to being friends. For me, once I'm completely over someone I'm over them. Like we can even talk again and flirt and everything and it just won't be there for me anymore. Which is good I guess. Maybe. But I can't figure myself out anymore. I don't know who I want to be. Do I want to be the good girl always doing what everyone else thinks I should do? That seems like the logical answer. But honestly... I want to be crazy. Making last minute plans, doing what I feel like when I want too. Spontaneous you could say. I think things go better unplanned. Planning things put to much pressure on everything. Be spontaneous. Thats my new motto. And I mean... Yolo. I definately used that as my excuse this summer. And you know what? It was fun. And I learned from my mistakes. Even though I'm not sure it was a mistake. Everything happens for a reason. Thats all I need to say. XOXO-hannah