Thursday, May 24, 2012

The day I, first met you, yu told me you never fall in love.

So its summer <3
Today was fun though. <3333
I'm a freshman!
Freshman Summer say whaaa? Yessss.<3

Hannah Thinks...
I just spent the last 3 hours obsessively tweeting & on tumblr....
I'm not tired at all.
I broke up with my boyfriend.
I can't decide if I regret it or not. Either way I'm happy so its whatever. (:
Forever 21 <3
Hopefully I'm going to the mall tomorrow!
Summer 2012!
Grab Somebody Sexy Tell 'em Hey!
Hilton Head with the Best friend possibly? I think yes (:
But you should check out my tumblr -->
& follow me on twitter! --> @HannahLeeAnn146


Thursday, May 17, 2012

& its not even my birthday, my birthday...But he wanna lick the icing off.

Its Thursday <3 & tommorow we're going to Holiday World. <3
I'm ready for this weekend..
So there's this one guy that tries to get with me everytime I have a boyfriend. Like he'll just start texting me like "Hey Beautiful" & telling me he misses me & all this stuff & I'm just like ummm okayy. He's reallllyyyy cute though (and older)! But he's kinda a jerk. Like he's talk talked to me while he's had a girlfriend before so that's not really working for me.

Hannah Thinks...
Guys w/ their ears peirced=sexy.
Why are bad boys so hot...
I'm excited for tomorrow.
Our principal talks alottt.
I don't get golf...
People crack me up.
I need to redo my nails.
I suck at lazertag.
My dog <3's me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Girls think I'm conceited 'cause I know I'm attractive, who cares about what I think, Why don't you ask him?

Forever 21.
Striped shorts.
The Hunger Games.
Glittery nails.
Small dogs.
One Direction.
Light makeup.
Holiday World.
Huge sunglasses.
Long necklaces.
Cute boys.
Freshman year summer.
Vacation w/ your bestfriend.
Eating healthy.
Laying out.
New people.
Short girls.
Making money.
Guys that can do flips.
Gossip Girl.
Laughing so hard you cry.
The Titanic.

Big dogs.
Mini vans.
Here. As always.
Cold weather.
My house.
Being annoying.
Crappy school lunches.
Middle school.
Big bracelets.
Being ignored.
Guy's friends.
Getting hacked.
Carb day.
Dressing slutty.
Video games.
The library.
Depressing statuses.
House arrest.
Choir concerts.

Baby I have no story to be told...

6 days of school left. Yess<3
We're just watching movies in all of our classes.
I really really really want to go shopping at Forever 21 & Hollister today!
So people are annoying. Like girls on Facebook. A guy will comment on a girls picture & be like "You're beautiful" and the girl will comment back and be like "I'm not, but thank you." & just keep saying she's not pretty. Oh shush. You know you're pretty or else you wouldn't say you aren't.
And there's this one 6th grade girl that cracks me up. Her posts are like "Finally found the perfect guy, I'm done clubbing, I don't need that anymore. <3". Well first off, might I remind you that YOU ARE IN SIXTH GRADE. And secondly you have been dating this guy for exactly... ONE day. And he's already your "true love"? And lastly "I'm done clubbing, I don't need that anymore." I'm not even going to get started on this... Our society nowadays is pitiful.
This movie is stupiddd.

So this is a Hannah's Thinks list I did on paper like 3 weeks ago & I'm going to post it because its pretty entertaining. Soooo...

Hannah Thinks...
So this movie is lame.
Boys are idiots.
^^^And they wonder why girls are going lesbian.
Movies where animals talk.<<<
Twitter is addicting.
Is it that hard to like just one girl?
I am so a trustworthy person.
Zoo dates <3
She ratchet?
I <3 YouTube.
My boyfriend is an idiot.
Who leaves the 14 year old son home alone for a week?
Poor zebra.
I think I like you.
A guy just gave me a rose?
You're bipolar.
Are you gonna kiss me or not?
I don't have reception in heree. :/
I have boy issues.
Starbucks Happy Hour? Oh yes <3

Monday, May 14, 2012

Now & then I think of when we were together...

So this weekend was pretty chill. I didn't really do much. I got to see my boyfriend & my bestfriend, but other than that I didn't really do anything. It was nice after having been with people pretty much all weekend for the last couple ones.
People are coming to look at our house today. My room is like emty looking. I can't decide if I want to move or not. I can't really decide....
I only have to go to my 4th, 5th, & 6th period classes today. I have the ECA for Algebra & choir practice. Choir concert tonight :/
We got a Forever 21 in our mall! I need to go shopping for summer clothes <3

Hannah Thinks...
It's Monday.
It's the last full week of school.
Our principal likes to talk...
I'm so ready for highschool.
My puppy <3
I don't want to take my ECA.


Friday, May 11, 2012

There's something 'bout the way, the street looks when it's just rained...

It's Friday! Yes <3 I'm in 8th period just sitting here... Hopefully I'll go to the movies tonight or something interesting...
I'm so ready for summer & highschool & everything.

Hannah Thinks...
When I'm bored I google cute pictures.
Summer 2012<3
Chris Brown is sexy when he sings.
I need a spirit shirt for here.
I really want a bunny.
I wish I actually had money...
I have fearless written on my wrist. It's cute.
This post is boringgg.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's not even my birthday...But he wanna put his name on it.

Guys who dress hot.
Big houses.
Cute quotes.
Music Videos.
Simple but cute.
Wavy hair.
Lip gloss.
Gossip Girl.
Not here.
Innocent songs.
Birthday Cake.
My playlists of the week.

Slutty facebook posts.
Short guys.
Being grounded.
Hair in buns.
Overdoing it.
The radio overplaying songs.
The guys in this class.
Teachers that look like rapists.
French class.

XOXO- Hannah

All these fairy tales are full of it, one more stupid love song I'll be sick.

Today is going to suck. I don't know why. It just will.
But on the way to school we were watching this video of hot Harvard baseball players dancing to Call Me Maybe on a bus. It's great. I definately know where I'm going to college now...
I almost got grounded yesterday. But I didn't. So its all good.
My puppy's sick :( Poor puppy.
Only NINE days of school left. Oh yes <3
I only have $6 for this weekend. How is that supposed to work? *sigh*
I'm colddd.
I love the way my hair looks curled. Thats going to be my hairstyle for the summer since it stays wavy really well.
So I actually don't think I'm going to be seeing my "summer guy" this summer... That could actually be really good... But I'm sure at some point I will... Not so good.

Hannah Thinks...
My poor poor puppy...
I was in a bad mood yesterday.
Girls on facebook act like skanks. I swear
If you're a 6th grade girl & you're facebook status is "f*ck you pay me" you look like a slut. Really...
No. just no.
I'll be a freshman in 13 days!
This summer is going to be amazing.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I wanna dance, & love, & dance, & dance....

Well. I don' know how to do this project so I'm just going to blog. When in doubt, blog. Story of my life.
So I have the WEIRDEST dreams ever. People would be so weirded out by my dreams. My puppy is stupid and got yellow paint on her ear? It's kinda cute(:
Hopefully my boyfriend is in my neighborhood today so I'll get to see him.. I can be chill around him which is what I like. I might go to a choir concert tonight... Or the city track meet though...
I had to go to this honors banquet last night. It was boringg. Isn't everything...
Rihanna's new song Where Have You Been is amazing <3
The music video for Sombody that I used to Know is so weird... Go watch it. Its just awkward.
But in JLo's music video for Dance, this really sexy guy is in it. He is soooo sexy. His name is like Casper or something weird like that but he is the hottest guy ever.

Hannah Thinks...
I miss my Thompkins people :/
I don't get gardening.
I don't know my heritage?
Books we have to read at school suck.
Dear John is a good book.
I kinda want to see Avengers.
I want to go home.
the majority of guys suck.
And they woner why girls are going lesbian?


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Play the music low, & sway to the rythm of love...

So this is kinda the truest thing ever.


This is me... I kinda like it(:
This is oldd... But its so us...

Jeep rides <3

If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this...

Well. Things are going pretty good. This is the 2nd to last full week of school! Then Summer <3 And next Friday we're going to Holiday World for our class trip.
Last weekend was pretty amazing.
Guys are interesting.
I went on a mini golfing date with my best friend <3
But wednesday I am either going to go to a track meet or choir concert for my old school... Not sure which one yet. And Wednesday means I have been dating this one guy for a month. Thats really good for me... I honestly don't date most guys for very long...

Hannah Thinks...
My graduation dress is cute.
I'm going to an honors banquet tonight.
Payphone-Maroon 5 <3
My house is up for sale...
I think you're bipolar.
Taking your best friend shopping with you is the best idea ever.


Monday, May 07, 2012

Wher have you been ; all my life?

Hannah Thinks...
You're an idiot.
This weekend was fun.
People creep me out.
12 days of school left.
My hairr.
It's hot.
My puppy loves me.
I got my friend in trouble.
Cheeseburger in paradise. Yes <3
Long "walks".
I think I like you.
Are you gonna kiss me or not?
Awkward people.
& situations.
Mini golfing dates with your bestfriend <3
Cute boys.
Gingers w/o freckles.