Friday, April 27, 2012

So lets get up, lets get started, don't you leave my broken hearted tonight

So Its Friday. Thank God.
But I'm really tired :/
Our cute kindergartener pen pals are coming to see us today. This should be interesting.
Guess what I get to do tomorrow? Work at our yard sale. Ugh. But at least then I can be like but mom I spent all morning doing that I have to do something tonight.
Biggest fail ever. So I was going to text my boyfriend right, & it just so happens he has the same first name as this freshman that like obsessed over me this summer. So instead of sending "Heyy(:" to my boyfriend I sent it to the other guy accidentally and he texts back & is all like "Hey baby(;"... I'm just like "uhh. Wrong person. Sorry." Hahahah you just got rejected by an 8th grader. Your lame.
I kinda want to see Titanic again this weekend. That was the best movie ever. Like no joke. I'm in love with it <3
We're going to watch the Lorax today in English & Lit. All I'm going to be able to think about is the last time I didn't watch that movie...
But when we went to the movies on Sunday night it was like dead. There was no one there. There were 2 other people in the theatre other than us. Weird.. I'm used to going to the movies & seeing everyone.
But apparently this girl was like trying to get my boyfriend to kiss her & was all like who cares Hannah won't find out. You little skank. Honestly if I'd heard it was somebody else saying that I probably wouldn't believe it. But since it was this girl I don't doubt it at all.
One Direction is pretty dang amazing. Their song Stole My Heart is my new favorite song. Look it up. Now. & Fall in love. <3333

Hannah Thinks...
Some people are really nice.
Its almost the weekend <3
Summer <3
1368 is like my signatire number thingey.


& I need you here with me now, because you've got that one thing

Hannah Thinks...
My little brother is sick. Please don't let me get sick for the weekend.
I want to go home.
It stormed last night.
I want Starbucks. (as always).
My puppy <3
Girls. Annoying.
My new favorite thing to say is "story of my life."
I'm in love with tumblr.
I want to see the Lucky One.
The Lorax was actually a pretty good movie.

So yeah. Last weekend was fun. I love how my mom's like since you were with people all last weekend you aren't going to do much this weekend. I ended up going to the movies twice, the mall, and sleeping over at a friend's. Yeah I totally didn't do anything.

XOXO Hannah

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've been waiting all day, for you to call me baby...

So I was wondering... How the heck do people get "gunna" out of "finna"? I hate hate hate it when people say that. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Ever. At all.  Kinda like using "q" instead of "g".
Like really. " was finna qo and qet a drink but i forgot. Btw;,, u's beuatiful." That is how some people talk. Get it together now...
I was just reading through all 70 something of my posts. Its crazy how much they've changed. I was like mad at the world when I wrote most of mine earlier this year, then in January they started getting happier. I like my school alot better now and I'm actually going to miss it...
This is the 2nd time I'v posted today...I think...
So my friends older brother is dating this girl and the guys brothers and friends all think she looks like a squirrel. And ET. Mixed into one.  She's not actually THAT ugly either. But its pretty dang entertaining... Better than the one that looked like a giraffe...

aww I just found this. It was from before I switched schools so like over a month and a half ago...

Oh well...


Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm obsessive, when just one thought of you comes up...

Monday mornings :/ & I don't feel good. I'm getting sick :/
We only have school 4 days this week though... Then a 4 day weekend<3

Hannah Thinks...
I'm cold...
& Tired.
I <3 my puppy.
25 school days left.
I want to see the Lucky One this weekend.
The Hunger Games was good.
Breaking Dawn Part 1 was creepy.
Dairy Queen Chicken Baskets are amazing.
I don't feel like writing.
I hate French.

XOXO- Hannah

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer came like cinnamon ; so sweet...

Well this weekend was pretty dang amazing. I ended up going to the movies Friday night with my bestfriend & her boyfriend, & my boyfriend, which was fun. Except for they brought their creepy asian friend because it was his birthday. Eww. Then on Saturday I went to the Spring Fling, which is this thing at my sisters elementary school... Alot of people go. Its kind of like a summer social with games and food and all that stuff and the guys went with us too. Then I slept over at Emma's house <3 We got some really cool pictures too. I'll have to post them later. But I don't want to go to school :/ But Its another 4 day week which makes it better (:
I haven't been feeling good though :/

Hannah Thinks...
I'm not a very deep person...
Hot showers <3
I am going to get Starbucks this week. I have too.
Me & Emma made frappes today. They were pretty good.
I can't cook.
The Hunger Games was good.
We almost got kicked out of a movie theatre. For doing nothing...
I need to paint my nails.
I got in trouble for kissing my boyfriend by some random lady at the Fling?
Go die in a hole.
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift smells amazing.

XOXO-Hannah <3

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your stare was holding, ripped jeans skin was showing, hot night wind was blowing, where you think you're going baby?

So I'm excited for tonight. My Besfriend A is coming over and we're hopefully going to the movies with our boyfriends who are best friends... That worked out nicely now.

Hannah Thinks...
People are so stupid...
I'm excited for tonight & tommorrow<3
My best friend made high school cheer!
2 best friends dating 2 best friends = best thing ever(:
I haven't had starbucks in forever :(
Guys at this school creep me out.
I'm finally getting better at French.
When an ugly guy gets a cute car he automatically loooks hotter.
Purple is my color.

P.S I meant to post this on Friday

XOXO- Hannah

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey I heard you were a wild one

Its Thursday! Thank god<3 Saturday is the Spring Fling. Its this thing at this Elementary School that a bunch of people go to... I'm hopefully going with people. I have to work at the fish booth though :/ Eww fish.
We have this wreath thingey on our front door & this bird made a nest & layed her eggs in it. They hatched a couple days ago & I was all like aww baby birds there going to be adorable. No. They're so creepy looking. They have like no feathers...
I've decided that for my 16th birthday party I'm going to have a masquerade. Cute right?
But Anyways.

Ugly birds.
Cute boys.
One Direction.
Guys that play basketball.
Being called beautiful.
Holiday World.
Walks with cute boys.

The guys here.
Guys that sing.
Being called hot.
Almost killing my puppy with a basketball.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow swag, swag, swag, on you/

Only Justin Bieber could say swaggy & make it sound sexy<3 Actually that whole song is incredibly hot<3
But I'm just sitting in homeroom listening to Take Care... Best song ever. Other than Boyfriend. I want a guy to ask me out by singing that<3

So Twitter actually isn't that cool.. I mean its okay.
I can't hear anybody but Drake singing right now. I love it.

Hannah Thinks...
Can't deny that I want you but I'll lie if I have too.
Some of the people in my homeroom are awkward...
I've been emailing my bestfriend for the past couple days. I <3 her(:
Everyone feels the need to inform me that I'm dating a ginger. Yess, I'm aware.
Summer needs to get here soon.
This time last year was soooo dramatic....
I miss people </3
I hate my choir teacher here.
We're falling in love...Until the sun's coming up...Just living the life.

Now I'm listening to Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha. <3


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'd like to be everything you want, hey girl let me talk to you.

I would write the funniest stuff earlier this year about how I wanted my year to end up. And how some things actually ended up the way I wanted them too... And others didn't at all. But all in all this year was pretty decent.

Alot of stuff has happened since the last time I posted...
The musical was on like March 9th so that was forever ago. First night totally sucked but the second went way better. After the first night we went to Dairy Queen. Fries & a blizzard <3 Best Thing Ever. After the second night I slept over at Emma's house & we had cute boys over... But we broke this pipe in this closet thingey and I felt bad... It was so one of the guys. But once again... A guy & girl in a dark closet isn't always what it seems... Then again sometimes it is...  I'm dating this guy from my old school. He's a ginger... But its cute(: It kinda sucks that we don't go to the same school anymore though. Oh well.

The new school is interesting. And really different. Its huge. There are a lot of fights...  Its interesting.
Is it sad that I can't tell black guys apart? Like they honestly all look the same to me.

I have a puppy. She loves me <3
I take her on walks all the time & we make the cutest pair ever. Cute girl & cute dog. Doesn't get much better than that.

Hannah Thinks...
I didn't think I wanted a bf but I'm dating this guy... I guess I really like him.
My puppy<3
Winky faces are dirty? ;)
I can't wait until summer.
I need Starbucks. Now.
Guys & girls eat seperately at this school? Lameee.

Oh well. bye<3

Monday, April 09, 2012

Hey I just met you & this is crazy, but heres my number so call me maybe

Duuuude. I haven't posted in forever. Well I go to a new school now. This is my 3rd week their. Yeah I like it but I miss my old school. Or the people at least. The new school is amazing though. Its really big & brand new.
I'm in French, which I now have 2nd period. With the same teacher since she teaches at both schools. I hate having it 2nd.
So last week was Spring Break which was pretty interesting. We went to Gatlinburg Tennessee & the Smoky Mountains. Our cabin was amazing. I'll post a picture later...

Hannah Thinks...
I made a Twitter... I like it. But people should follow me @1368Hannah (:
Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson is my new theme song <3
I missed Blogging!
Guys confuse me.... As always.
Turtle cake doesn't actually have turtles in it...
I miss people :(
My puppy likes some people and hates others. She's a very good judge of character.
I wanna go skiing.
Only 30 days left of school<3
Meant to post this Wednesday... But whatever...