Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well maybe it's me & my blind optimism to blame

Well. This weekend was interesting to say the least...
Friday was our Holiday Choir concert. It went really well. The Hallelujah chorus sounded AMAZING. My dad recorded it so I actually got to listen to that song. Afterwards a group of 4 of us went to our friend's house for her birthday.
I'm getting stalked. Seriously. By my pyscho ex. They were stalking my house & my mom thinking she was me Friday night at like midnight. Thank god I wasn't home... It went on for about an hour. But my mom thought they were going to try to get in our house. My parents almost called the police...My mom calls me & is freaking out worried that they might try to come and find me since they had 2 older guys & a getaway car with them... I was so scared. What the heck are they trying to accomplish? For hating me so much they sure take alot of time out of their lives to obsess over me.
HE dumped me. Not the other way around. And I'm sorry I wouldn't get back with his sorry self again when he came begging for me back. I was done & I told him that straight up. He's just not used to being told no by anyone. He seriously gets whatever he wants.,
Oh, & to make the whole thing better, when my mom realized who it was & she knew one of the guys she screams "I'm calling your mother!"... Although according to her he looked very scared after that. And his mom did flip out when she called him.
But it's not like they're just ding dong ditching or tping us.. This is like harassment. Seriously They were yelling "Hannah's a bitch" and other stuff at our house so loud it woke up our neighbors.. And I haven't even talked to any of these guys since this summer. Psycho idiots.
But me & my clever self changed my ex's name in my phone to "Not Worthy of Having Your Name in My Phone". Pretty clever right? I was cracking myself up with that one. And I don't want to delete his number so that if he tries to text or call me I'll know it's him.
And I changed the guy that got me grounded's contact to Lying Cheating Idiot. That's about as nicely as I could put it.

On the brighter side of things...
I'm ungrounded.
And there's the attractive guy in my English class with the dreamy eyes who sends me cute goodmorning texts. (:
And my bestfriends <3

And I really hope my ex knows that I can think of several people who would willingly beat the crap out of him if I asked them too. He's such a douche. Just saying.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm the barbie on the boardwalk summer of '45

Being smart.
My blog. (duh)
Christmas music.
Biology & the fact that we do nothing.
Painting nails during class.
Having my phone back.
My friends.
The fudge we made.
Marshmallow fluff.
Infinity scarves.
My heels for Santa Switch.
Sparkly calculators.
Saying "kisses".
Being happy.
Happy songs.
Movie nights.
My little brother playing a donkey in his pre-school play.
(: (cute smiley faces)
Our elf.
Baby lips.

The fact that I used to use 2 commas.
Basketball players.
Ding dong ditching at 2 am.
Having a mini panic attack after being ding dong ditched at 2 am.
Salmon. (the color)
My puppy. (she bit my pinkie)
C lunch.
Thursday lunches.
Tornado drills.
People pulling the fire alarm when it's freezing outside.
How annoying I must have been in 6th grade.
:) (awkward smiley faces)
Being the ugly twin. (hehehe)
Using the letter "u" instead of "you".
Capitalizing i.

You know you love me.

And it's you and me and all other people, and I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

Hola chicas!
Not that I got a B on my Algebra test or anything. Meaning I can exempt my final! Yayayayayay!!! And I got an instagram. And I'm making fudge and chocolate covered pretzels today after school for our concert. How exciting, right?
And guess who got a "Good morning beautiful" text this morning? This girl. I was grounded for too long...
Now all I need is my Twitter back & everything will be perfect. <3
Anyways. To say thank you to the guy who has been helping with my math & is pretty much the only reason I got a B on my test, I'm bringing him some of the pretzels & fudge. Gotta love me, right?
Only half an hour left in school, thankfully. I'm almost absolutely sure I aced my U.S history test to so everything's good. Now I just have to study for my finals in Biology & French & English & Choir & gym. Why must we have a final in gym? Whyyy? Why do we even have gym. Not like we accomplish anything anyways.
Christmas countdown: 12 days!
We have the elf on the shelf for my little brother & guess what the "elf" brought me? Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Thank you Elfie <3
It's realllly pink though... I'll post a picture of my very pink lips later.
I'm excited for this weekend too!
And next week is our last week of school before Christmas Break!

Anyways... Here are some pictures I just found from before I got my phone taken away..

 This is my new calculator!!!
 I looked cute that day...
 My bestest friend <3



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Before you, I'd only dated self-indulgent takers, that took all of their problems out on me.

Hello chicas!
That's my new word. You like? It means girl in Spanish if you didn't already know.. Even though I take French. But oh well. Chica sounds cuter than fille (girl in French). And I refer to pretty much everyone as either doll, love, darling, babe, & now chica. How cute is that?
Anyways. I am officially ungrounded as of today. I spent pretty much all day texting. I missed people so much.
But sadly, next week is finals week. I'm kinda totally stressing out. I didn't really think finals were going to be this stressful but everything has been so hectic. * Sigh*
But on the bright side, I have my phone back and some friends are coming over tomorrow to make fudge & chocolate covered pretzels for our Holiday Concert cake & cookie walk on Friday.
I'm so excited for Christmas...
I really probably should be studying some more for my U.S History & Algebra 2 tests I have tomorrow.
But I was seriously getting really stressed out. So I decided to blog a bit.

Shoutout to this cute guy in my English class who is the only reason I get anything we are doing right now in Algebra class. Not to mention, you would be really cute with my best friend. Just saying.
See, told you I'd talk about you since I "talk about everyone on my "book" as you call it".

Anyways. Today was all about letting go of the past & starting over for me. Every single old sweet message, or picture, or bracelet or anything from the ginger is now gone. Deleted. Erased. Thrown away.
Here's to new beginnings & a happier me.
I've seriously been so happy the past couple months. Not talking to guys makes life so much more simple. Not even kidding.
Too bad that probably won't last long. Oh well. But I have decided I'm not going to let guys change my mood or have as much of an effect on me ever again. I mean, there's nothing wrong with flirting right?
That funny moment when I legitimately had to shoo guys away from my locker today. My friend thought it was hilarious. She was like you would be the girl that has to shoo guys away from surrounding her locker.
So on Friday after our choir concert we're going to my friend's to sleepover for her birthday. And I'm ungrounded. So I can go!!!! Yay <3
That sad sad moment when my best friend was sick on my first day of being ungrounded. *Tear* we just texted all day..


Hannah Thinks...
The fact that nobody will let go of the "dreamy eyes" incident..
Although dreamy eyes will get you places in life in my book.
Especially if they're brown.
Just saying.
The fact that I don't get mny 3rd exemption because I was late.
And not even by a minute.
So freaking annoying.
My puppy is sleeping with me tonight.
Jealous anyone?
I miss my bestfriend </3
I need a girls night ASAP.
With the Notebook & Titanic and chocolate.
I got a purple glittery calculator.
Hopefully it will bring me good luck on my test tomorrow...
Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift is my happy song.
It seriously makes me so happy.
It's so happy & cute & innocent.
I adore it.
Would it be weird if I started saying kisses instead of bye?
Don't answer that.
I'd look really stupid.
Oh well.
I might do it anyways.
You've gotta embrace your stupidness.
It makes everything alot more fun.
Not even kidding.
My legs are really smooth.
So soft...

Bye my darlings <3

XOXO (kisses) --Hannah

Sunday, December 09, 2012

I'm known to walk alone but I'm alone for a reason

Hey loves.
So I had a very chill weekend and didn't go anywhere... But I was just getting ready for next weekend. Because it's my first ungrounded weekend in 3 months!!!!!!!!!! I'm free as of Wednesday!!!
So freaking excited.
Is it sad that I'm already planning what to wear?
And Christmas is in 16 days! How exciting is this?
Very exciting, I'm aware.
Andddd me & my sister might even be getting Iphones! <3
This just keeps getting better and better.

Oh yeah. And before I forget I would like to give a shoutout to the lovely people who decided to repeatedly ring our doorbell last night at 2 am. Thank you so much for waking me up. And being kind enough to wait 3 minutes before ringing the doorbell again just in case we didn't hear the first time,. How very thoughtful of you.
Probably my douche of an ex and his friends again... They ring the doorbell the same way everytime so it's a slight give away on their part. How smart are they?
Annoying people nowadays.  Not to mention I had just watched Don't be Afraid of the Dark before going to bed. I was slightly freaked out of those little creepy monkey/bat/rat things being underneath my bed and had a mini heart attack the second time they rang the doorbell since I just figured the first time it had been a dream and I imagined it.. And I like never get scared from movies or anything either. But those things were really really really creepy. Not even kidding.

Not that I'm listening to Strip by Chris Brown and totally dancing all by myself while I'm typing this... I really need to start getting out of the house more...

See how creepy they are! Don't lie, you totally just did a little mini gasp/scream.
Or maybe it's just me & the fact that I gasp/scream during movies... alot...
Not my fault I startle easily.

Anyways. You know what's really hot? When guys wear sweaters. And jeans. And match. Yum <3

I was just thinking about how I got to see Hunter Hayes live this summer. He's so cute <3 He really is. Go look at a picture of him. And he told me he wanted to make me feel wanted. How hot is that?

Now I'm listening to Rack City.

Dear Tyga's Voice,
Marry me?

Seriously. There is something insanely sexy about it, not gonna lie.
Although he seems rather cocky... And like a player.
*sigh* Aren't they always.

Hannah's List of Hottness.
When guys sing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
When guys match >>>>>>>
When guys wear sweaters >>>>>>
When guys wear Vans >>>>>
When guys are smart >>>>
When guys are funny >>>>>>>>>>
When guys are confiden but not cocky >>>>>>>>>
When guys get along with your best friend >>>>>>>
When guys play with yoiur little brother >>>>>>
When guys dress in the preppy Abercrombie style >>>>>>>>>>>
When guys are tall & skinny but not too skinny >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
When guys text you goodmorning >>>>>>>
When guys call you gorgeous >>>>>>>
When guys play basketball >>>>>
When guys play soccer >>>>>>>
When guys play football >>>
When guys have abs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
When guys have kittens >>>>>>>>
When guys watch movies with you >>>>>>>


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

'cause he look like a superstar in the making

Being ungrounded.
Cute North boys.
The fact that I'll be 15 in less than 2 months.
Wrapping presents.
Girls nights.
Long hair.
Brown eyes.
Auburn hair.
The new music coming out right now.
Green Days.
Dark chocolate.
The mall right now.
Christmas Lights.
My mom's obsession with the song Santa Baby.
Pencil eyeliner.
Sweatshirts & Uggs.
Shimmer lotion.
Pure seduction <3
Being tan.
Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj.
The Twilight Score station on Pandora.
Dream catchers.
The fact that my best guy friend called me last night >>>
Not seeing certain people every day.
My nose.
The things my brother says.
My eye makeup for Santa Switch.

Taking tests.
Guys with blue eyes.
The fact that Drake hasn't put out a new song in forever.
U.S History.
White days.
Girls at lunch.
Being dramatic over stupid things.
Soccer players.
Fake nails.
My hair today.
Trying to type with my fake nails.
This class.
Missing people.
The annoying people I get to deal with every day.
The Song Gangnam Style. Most annoying thing ever.


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Don't you worry, don't you worry child

That awkward moment when cute English class guy does read my post. Thanks to my so called best friend.... IN English class. Then awkwardly looks over at me with his cute brown eyes. *Sigh* Well this is awkward.
But I just thought I'd mention...
Sorry. Just had to get that out there. Anyways.
 Before Santa Switch with Emma
 French Manis
 The girls. This is my mom's terrible photography. Better pics later, promise.
 Emma & Jessica <3
 My puppy isn't cute when she's wet...
 Not that she's licking herself or anything...
 How adorable are we?
 I feel like I look like one of those trashy annoying girls on facebook posting a gazillion pictures of my self in this one...
Fishy face!



Now I really look like a trashy facebook girl... I was trying this time though. I have way to much free time... But I won't in a week. Because I'M UNGROUNDED!!!! Hello my lovely social life <3

Okay. Bye.

Monday, December 03, 2012

All that I know is I don't know how to be something you miss

Hello guys.
So Santa Switch was on Saturday. And I actually had alot of fun. Without a date. But I did slow dance with this super cute guy from my English class. Like super cute. With really cute brown eyes. Brown eyes <333333 But he was actually there with this sophmore girl as his date and she got mad when she saw us dancing so I kinda feel bad.  But he's cute & nice so it's whatever. And my best friend had him put his number in her phone & they were texting about me... Hmm.
North guys are so much nicer than Central guys. They're getting cuter too. Me & the guy I danced with got my bestfriend a guy to dance with. He was really cute too. Best friend award over here. I'll post some pictures from the dance later.
But anyways. That awkward moment when English class guy reads this post about him... Oh well. If I didn't talk about boys what would I have to say that would be entertaining... So freaking cute...

Hannah Thinks...
I'm ready for next year's Santa Switch already.
We even went to Cheeseburger in Paradise afterwards!
And then slept over at my friends house.
8 hours in my dress was long enough for me though.
And I made the musical!
It's Into the Woods & I'm in the chorus.
My best friend says I get every guy I want.
Not true.
Most of the guys I want end up being douches anyways.
Me and my sucky judgment.
How sad is that.
My poor poor puppy had to get a bath...
She wears sweaters.
And one has balls on it!
I should probably being doing my laundry so I actually have clothes to wear.
The boys at North are definitely getting cuter.
I can't wait to be ungrounded.
Soccer players aren't that cute anymore.
Some people don't know how to dress.
When guys dress cute >>>
When guys have brown eyes >>>
And I can actually say that now.
Since my last boyfriend was a ginger w/ blue eyes.
I reallly really really really really really hate the song Payphone.
So much.
I want to look cute tomorrow.
Psh what am I saying?
I look cute everyday.
I looked awkward today.
I'm not a cute sick person.
And I'm still lacking sleep from Saturday.
Even though all I did yesterday was sleep.
Finals are in a few weeks :/
My fake nails are getting annoying.
I'm so happy I switched to North.
Guess what guys?
My life is still boring right now.
But guess what?
It won't be in a week?
Because guess what?
Go me.
I just sneezed and scared my dog.
I really need to get a life...
I'm such a dork sometimes.
Oh well.
It's hot.
Gotta love me.