Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I guess you didn't care & I guess I liked that

My sad grounded life won't be so sad or grounded in a couple weeks!
And I got my Santa Switch dress <3
Me & my lovely best friend <3 Better pictures later since I definately don't look my best...
But Anyways. It's almost Thanksgiving! There is something about this time of year that seriously just puts me in the best mood ever.
Like we went to the mall on Saturday so I could get my shoes and jewelry for Santa Switch and I loved it. There is something about the mall at Christmas time that makes me happy. So pretty.
But anyways.

Hannah Thinks.
The fact that Clique by Kanye West is me & my bestfriend's favorite rap song >>>
My puppy has a sweater.
Her sweater has balls on it!
My uncle lives in California.
Not even fair.
California is definately at the very top of my places to live list.
I kinda want to get my nails done for Santa Switch...
I need to get tan though.
But it's going to have to be a fake tan...
I burn to easily, especially if it's not even summer.
That sad moment when I can never get my binder down from the top shelf in the cabinet in Bio.
There's alot of those.
Like the fact that my yoga pants are way to long.
Even if I wear them with my 2 inch character heels. Still too long.
I can't wait for Summer again.
Not that me and my friends will mock my ex or anything.
Including taking those fag like pictures with our shirts up in mirrors.
We're cute.
Songs with Nicki Minaj in them >>>
Alicial Keys "Girl on Fire" >>>
I've been eating alot of carrots.
I'm pretty sure I don't even like carrots?
Guys wearing sweaters >>>
Guys that can do flips >>>>>>>>>>
We see awkward people on our way to school.
Some people deserve to win the worst parenting award of the year.
I swear.
I want to live in a green house!
My U.S History teacher isn't here.
Yesss <3
I can just listen to the Taylor Swift album over & over.
Especially I knew You were Trouble.
My puppy is my bestfriend.
How lame am I?
I'm excited for Thanksgiving <3
My birthday is on a Friday!
He was long gone when he met me.
I <3 my princess dress.
My little brother is the cutest thing ever.
I don't want to watch this video...
My hair is poofed today.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Tell me, am I crazy?

My sad grounded life... Special Picture Edition!! :D

 My new shoes <3 (and Alex)

 Kisses *mwah*
 We were mocking people... I've taught him well.
 The overdone peace sign...
 Well hello there.
 His face >>>
 We cuutee.
 His missing tooth!
Acting like a zombie?

~No Regrets~

Friday, November 09, 2012

Do you hear that love, they're playing our song

Hey lovelies.
So it's 9:12 on a Friday night... And guess what I'm doing? Blogging. Story of my sad grounded life. I mean, I love you guys, but still. I can think of many many things I would rather be doing right now.
Oh well. My sister who is only in 6th grade has a more interesting social life than me right now. *Sigh*
So I have a new obsession with the singing group He is We. Pure amazingness. <333
But anyways. So me & my bestfriend were catching up on our Salsa showchoir dance today in enrichment... And random choir people were coming and watching... Including super sexy junior band singer guy I talked about a couple posts ago. How the heck am I supposed to be salsaing when all I can see is his perfect face in the second row? Not my best work sadly.... I get distracted to easily.
At lunch almost everyone has a specific table they sit at every day. But they rearranged the commons so now the tables are all messed up and people keep taking our table... So I thought it would be the cutest idea ever to make a little reserved placecard we could put on our table while we were waiting in line so nobody could take it. Like I could make it all glittery & pink! But of course, some of they girls I sit with care too much about what people think of them and are all like "Nooo you can't do that people will be say we're preps and blah blah blah". So? Who really even cares? I've embraced it. It's not our fault we dress nice & are generally happy as people. I mean really. So I'm going to make a sign anyways. Aren't I a rebel.
I look so cute tall. I wore these boots with a heel today & looked adorable.

Hannah Thinks...
I'm so excited for Christmas!
Tall & skinny guys >>>
Too skinny guys <<<
(Although according to my mom I could just bring him food and fix that...)
I have been introduced to the world of hot black guys.
Not even kidding.
Especially after Thompkins where there was a total of 2 black guys.
And they were only half black.
And acted whiter than half of the other people at our school...
Me + High Heels = Adorable.
Not to sound conceited or anything.
Romeo and Juliet makes no sense.
Shakespeare really was a perv.
And Romeo was a player.
Sound like society today or is that just me?
Pumpkine spice lattes from Starbucks are actually orange...
Ratchet cheerleader buns...
Yes, I did just say ratchet.
Judge me as you please.
I probably deserve it.
I get to make a pumpkin pie!
I just want to quote all the lyrics to the song Dear John by Taylor Swift.
I would really like to tell a couple guys off right about now.
And so would several of my friends.
Stupid lying idiots.
My currently nonexistent & slightly dorky but cute at the same time boy >>>
You're out there somewhere <3

I'm so lame...


~No Regrets~

Monday, November 05, 2012

It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters & make fun of our exes

Romeo & Juliet.
Booties (the shoe).
Wobbling (the dance).
Puppies wearing sweaters.
Cute & sweet but interesting boys.
Pumpkin Pie.
Heated blankets.
The middle of nowhere.
Spoon rings.
Long hair don't care.
My bestfriends.
Lucky Charms.
The guy I had my first kiss with...
Taking your bestfriend on the cruise with you.
All of the hot guys on the cruise.
Being stuck in the middle of the ocean with said cute boys on the cruise.
White ipods/iphones.
Cotton balling.
English class.
My binder.
Taylor Swift.
Bruno Mars's new song.
Straight hair.
Dear John--Taylor Swift.
Siberian Huskies.
Having a job.
A masquerade sweet 16.
I Won't Give Up--Jason Mraz.
The cute sayings on Dove chocolate wrappers.

U.S History.
Being cold.
Getting bored.
Ding-dong ditching.
Getting too attached too fast.
All of the cute & sweet but interesting boys having girlfriends.
Annoying exes.
Stupid movies.
Awkward first kisses.
The Kardashians.
Prank calls.
North Guys (although they are growing on me).
Central Guys.
My height.
Rude people.
Not being able to drive.
Gangam Style.
Giving up on people.
Being too forgiving sometimes.
Being grounded.


~No Regrets~

Author of the moment, can you tell me, do I end up, do I end up happy?

Well hello their guys.
So Halloween was Wednesday, & even though I'm still grounded my parents let me have friends over & we walked around my neighborhood.
Then, of course, my douche of an ex had to come and be and idiot and ruin my night. Although I was already kinda a mess that day... I have my days.
But I always end up crying on Halloween. Seriously though. And I'm pretty sure he's the reason I started crying last year too... Although it was for a completely different reason and it wasn't something bad he did.. But oh well. Screw him anyways.
But he comes to my door, and of course after I look hot all night, I'm in my FREAKING PAJAMAS with wet hair when he decides to come to my house. Just my luck right. But my sister answers the door and he's like "Is Hannah here? Tell her -inserts his name here- said hi". Then they come and ring our doorbell again? Idiots...
But him and his friend who is also one of my best friends exes won't leave me & her alone. Their spreading these rumors about "stuff" we apparently did with them. Such liars. It's not my fault you're so insecure you have to make up stuff to make you look better since I'm pretty sure ALL that happened that night was us watching a movie & cuddling & kissing, if I remember correctly, which I'm rather sure I do? You seemed perfectly fine with that at the time. Go fall in a hole with your douchey friends.
And then they came & just rang my doorbell a couple times then ran and jumped in a car & drove off on Friday? Wow, aren't you mature. "Hey guys, let's go ring my (totally beautiful) ex girlfriends doorbell then run away for fun".
Wait, are we in 3rd grade again or something? Aren't you cute.
Okay done ranting. I promise.
So my current theme song is I Knew You Were Trouble. by Taylore Swift. Pretty much my life story. but really.
Her whole new album is amazing actually. I'm obsessed with the song 22 on it too.
I'm so excited Christmas is coming up! I've actually picked out some stuff already... Including a totally adorable pair of lightwash denim destroyed Bulhhead Black jeans with light glitter on the from Pacsun! I'm obsessed.

Hannah Thinks...
I hate writing papers.
football players all talk the same.
I need a Santa Switch date.
I suck at math.
I have a C in English.
I used a blow torch this weekend.
Don't doubt me.
This suckssss.


~No Regrets~