Friday, June 08, 2012

You & me baby, we're stuck like glue...

Well. This summer has been pretty interesting.
I'm single so I've been talking to alooot of guys. I'm still talking to my ex bf too though... Not seriously talking, just talking. He wanted to get back together but I just need time & want to be single for a while... Nothing wrong with a little flirting though... Funny thing is, he's one of those guys who NEVER gets dumped. So I feel pretty accomplished. Some of his friends have been hitting on me too... Interesting.
So out of the like 8 or so guys I've talked to so far this summer, only one has any potential to be anything more serious than just a guy to flirt with. And he's my best guy friend's older cousin... SO that could be awkward. I don't even know though... The majority of guys I've been talking to are kinda like been there done that, or I've already had something with a guy like them...
Yesterday night I slept over at my best friends' house with this other girl, & we no joke talked nonstop for like hours...
I went to these guys' graduation party & we watched Human Centipede 2. Life scarring, I swear... It can't even be shown in color...

Hannah Thinks....
Summer <33333
I lovelovelovelovelovelove music & Twitter
I <3 my neighborhood
Pictures <333
My bestfriends photography >>>>
We're bringing planking back in style.
Be jealous.

XOXO-- Hannah <3

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