Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You gotta keep your head up oh, so you can let your hair down hey

Well. Sorry I haven't posted in forever... I promise I will get back into it when school starts again. I'm currently grounded. Veryyy grounded. I'm not even going to get into the reason why. I'll just say it involves an older boy and me not thinking. At all. So yeah. The rest of my summer is going to suck. I hate it here. I really honestly truly hate it here. So much. I just don't fit in in this city. I need a big city with things to constantly keep me busy. Everything I want just isn't going tobe possible here. Tje only think still keeping me going is knowing that in 4 years I can get out of here and never ever look back. This place just has absolutely nothing going for me. Anyways. Enough of my ranting about how sucky here is. (although in my defense it is extremely sucky) This summer has been...interesting. Me and the ginger got back together for like a week. Then he randomly dumped me. Then we got in a huge fight. Then i had my whole old group of best friends from 7th grade over and we burned his sweatshirt. None of my friends liked him anyways. But yeah. I got a bunch of crap from random people about that. My friend took a picture of it and tweeted it with the caption "and this is why you don't screw over a girl" and the ginger tweeted back saying "well can I at least have it back?" so we gave it back to him that night. Then we were subtweeting each other all night... "#crazyexgirlfriend #whynot" and stuff like that... There were like 15 people tweeting like that at the same time, some my friends and some his. The whole thing was actually really funny. I didn't burn it because I hate him, we did it to be funny and to do something crazy. I meam who can actually say they burned their ex's sweatshirt? Exactly. Then like 2 days later the ginger found out he might have testicle cancer and I about died laughing. Then felt bad for laughing. Then laughed again. Them felt guilty about it so I texted my friends so they could laugh with me and I wouldn't feel so bad. Then he texted me saying sorry for everything and I was like "I'm sorry for burning your sweatshirt. Even though it was really funny.." Then the next day he texted me again and said "Before I go into surgery I just wanted to let you know that I still really care about you and hope we can be friends" and I was like I think that would be a good idea. Then that night I went to the fair and saw my boyfiend Hunter Hayes in concert <3333 But this post i getting really long so I'm going to go ahead and post it and keep ranting on another one... XOXO- hannah

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