Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You are the antidote to everything except for me

Hannah thinks..
I haven't posted forever..
Sorry babes.
But I am now so.
Boys that can drive. >>>
Spring break is the best thing ever.
Other than its like 40 degrees.
Glee is so stereotypical.
This English project is killing me.
This summer is going to be perfect.
I'm so over boys that play football.
And basketball.
And soccer.
But hey.
Baseball players are still fun to look at.
Being in a food fight would suck.
I'm talking to a guy in a band.
You guys are all jealous right now.
Don't even lie.
He sings and plays the guitar.
And can drive.
Try to contain your jealousy.
Twitter is addicting.
But Instagram is better.
I love food.
I want Taco Bell.
And I want to go to prom.
Just ask me to prom already.
I heart shopping.
Well bya lovelies.


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