Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well maybe it's me & my blind optimism to blame

Well. This weekend was interesting to say the least...
Friday was our Holiday Choir concert. It went really well. The Hallelujah chorus sounded AMAZING. My dad recorded it so I actually got to listen to that song. Afterwards a group of 4 of us went to our friend's house for her birthday.
I'm getting stalked. Seriously. By my pyscho ex. They were stalking my house & my mom thinking she was me Friday night at like midnight. Thank god I wasn't home... It went on for about an hour. But my mom thought they were going to try to get in our house. My parents almost called the police...My mom calls me & is freaking out worried that they might try to come and find me since they had 2 older guys & a getaway car with them... I was so scared. What the heck are they trying to accomplish? For hating me so much they sure take alot of time out of their lives to obsess over me.
HE dumped me. Not the other way around. And I'm sorry I wouldn't get back with his sorry self again when he came begging for me back. I was done & I told him that straight up. He's just not used to being told no by anyone. He seriously gets whatever he wants.,
Oh, & to make the whole thing better, when my mom realized who it was & she knew one of the guys she screams "I'm calling your mother!"... Although according to her he looked very scared after that. And his mom did flip out when she called him.
But it's not like they're just ding dong ditching or tping us.. This is like harassment. Seriously They were yelling "Hannah's a bitch" and other stuff at our house so loud it woke up our neighbors.. And I haven't even talked to any of these guys since this summer. Psycho idiots.
But me & my clever self changed my ex's name in my phone to "Not Worthy of Having Your Name in My Phone". Pretty clever right? I was cracking myself up with that one. And I don't want to delete his number so that if he tries to text or call me I'll know it's him.
And I changed the guy that got me grounded's contact to Lying Cheating Idiot. That's about as nicely as I could put it.

On the brighter side of things...
I'm ungrounded.
And there's the attractive guy in my English class with the dreamy eyes who sends me cute goodmorning texts. (:
And my bestfriends <3

And I really hope my ex knows that I can think of several people who would willingly beat the crap out of him if I asked them too. He's such a douche. Just saying.


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