Saturday, December 28, 2013

Off black cadillac, midnight drive

We got a new puppy today. His name is Charlie and he's the cutest thing you've ever seen. He's so tiny and precious and he makes me happy. Who needs boys when you have dogs anyways. Dogs can't cheat on you or flirt with other girls while talking to you or try to get with your bestfriend. Not like I can really be talking but still. Animals are better than people thats for sure.
Turns out the big party that was the Friday we got out of school for break that I had to miss bc grounded got busted by 10:00 anyways. Guess thats what happens when literally everyone is going.

Hannah Thinks..
I need some serious retail therapy.
Being grounded sucks.
But its only for a month & in the grand scheme of things won't effect my life so I'll get over it.
Just one long lonely boring month.
I still want a hedgehog.
I'm getting really sleepy.
And its only midnight?
I watched the last episode of 90210 last night & now I'm sad :(
Even though that show made me hate my life.
Because the people on it lived in Beverly Hills & had such interesting lives.
Can I please just look like Annalynne McCord?
I actually like the song Replay x Zendaya.
I'm reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer & it's good.
I like sleeping way too much.
Probably because I'm not thinking when I'm sleeping.

Well I'm out for the night guys.
XOXO Hannah

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