Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I guess you didn't care & I guess I liked that

My sad grounded life won't be so sad or grounded in a couple weeks!
And I got my Santa Switch dress <3
Me & my lovely best friend <3 Better pictures later since I definately don't look my best...
But Anyways. It's almost Thanksgiving! There is something about this time of year that seriously just puts me in the best mood ever.
Like we went to the mall on Saturday so I could get my shoes and jewelry for Santa Switch and I loved it. There is something about the mall at Christmas time that makes me happy. So pretty.
But anyways.

Hannah Thinks.
The fact that Clique by Kanye West is me & my bestfriend's favorite rap song >>>
My puppy has a sweater.
Her sweater has balls on it!
My uncle lives in California.
Not even fair.
California is definately at the very top of my places to live list.
I kinda want to get my nails done for Santa Switch...
I need to get tan though.
But it's going to have to be a fake tan...
I burn to easily, especially if it's not even summer.
That sad moment when I can never get my binder down from the top shelf in the cabinet in Bio.
There's alot of those.
Like the fact that my yoga pants are way to long.
Even if I wear them with my 2 inch character heels. Still too long.
I can't wait for Summer again.
Not that me and my friends will mock my ex or anything.
Including taking those fag like pictures with our shirts up in mirrors.
We're cute.
Songs with Nicki Minaj in them >>>
Alicial Keys "Girl on Fire" >>>
I've been eating alot of carrots.
I'm pretty sure I don't even like carrots?
Guys wearing sweaters >>>
Guys that can do flips >>>>>>>>>>
We see awkward people on our way to school.
Some people deserve to win the worst parenting award of the year.
I swear.
I want to live in a green house!
My U.S History teacher isn't here.
Yesss <3
I can just listen to the Taylor Swift album over & over.
Especially I knew You were Trouble.
My puppy is my bestfriend.
How lame am I?
I'm excited for Thanksgiving <3
My birthday is on a Friday!
He was long gone when he met me.
I <3 my princess dress.
My little brother is the cutest thing ever.
I don't want to watch this video...
My hair is poofed today.


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