Friday, November 09, 2012

Do you hear that love, they're playing our song

Hey lovelies.
So it's 9:12 on a Friday night... And guess what I'm doing? Blogging. Story of my sad grounded life. I mean, I love you guys, but still. I can think of many many things I would rather be doing right now.
Oh well. My sister who is only in 6th grade has a more interesting social life than me right now. *Sigh*
So I have a new obsession with the singing group He is We. Pure amazingness. <333
But anyways. So me & my bestfriend were catching up on our Salsa showchoir dance today in enrichment... And random choir people were coming and watching... Including super sexy junior band singer guy I talked about a couple posts ago. How the heck am I supposed to be salsaing when all I can see is his perfect face in the second row? Not my best work sadly.... I get distracted to easily.
At lunch almost everyone has a specific table they sit at every day. But they rearranged the commons so now the tables are all messed up and people keep taking our table... So I thought it would be the cutest idea ever to make a little reserved placecard we could put on our table while we were waiting in line so nobody could take it. Like I could make it all glittery & pink! But of course, some of they girls I sit with care too much about what people think of them and are all like "Nooo you can't do that people will be say we're preps and blah blah blah". So? Who really even cares? I've embraced it. It's not our fault we dress nice & are generally happy as people. I mean really. So I'm going to make a sign anyways. Aren't I a rebel.
I look so cute tall. I wore these boots with a heel today & looked adorable.

Hannah Thinks...
I'm so excited for Christmas!
Tall & skinny guys >>>
Too skinny guys <<<
(Although according to my mom I could just bring him food and fix that...)
I have been introduced to the world of hot black guys.
Not even kidding.
Especially after Thompkins where there was a total of 2 black guys.
And they were only half black.
And acted whiter than half of the other people at our school...
Me + High Heels = Adorable.
Not to sound conceited or anything.
Romeo and Juliet makes no sense.
Shakespeare really was a perv.
And Romeo was a player.
Sound like society today or is that just me?
Pumpkine spice lattes from Starbucks are actually orange...
Ratchet cheerleader buns...
Yes, I did just say ratchet.
Judge me as you please.
I probably deserve it.
I get to make a pumpkin pie!
I just want to quote all the lyrics to the song Dear John by Taylor Swift.
I would really like to tell a couple guys off right about now.
And so would several of my friends.
Stupid lying idiots.
My currently nonexistent & slightly dorky but cute at the same time boy >>>
You're out there somewhere <3

I'm so lame...


~No Regrets~

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