Monday, November 05, 2012

Author of the moment, can you tell me, do I end up, do I end up happy?

Well hello their guys.
So Halloween was Wednesday, & even though I'm still grounded my parents let me have friends over & we walked around my neighborhood.
Then, of course, my douche of an ex had to come and be and idiot and ruin my night. Although I was already kinda a mess that day... I have my days.
But I always end up crying on Halloween. Seriously though. And I'm pretty sure he's the reason I started crying last year too... Although it was for a completely different reason and it wasn't something bad he did.. But oh well. Screw him anyways.
But he comes to my door, and of course after I look hot all night, I'm in my FREAKING PAJAMAS with wet hair when he decides to come to my house. Just my luck right. But my sister answers the door and he's like "Is Hannah here? Tell her -inserts his name here- said hi". Then they come and ring our doorbell again? Idiots...
But him and his friend who is also one of my best friends exes won't leave me & her alone. Their spreading these rumors about "stuff" we apparently did with them. Such liars. It's not my fault you're so insecure you have to make up stuff to make you look better since I'm pretty sure ALL that happened that night was us watching a movie & cuddling & kissing, if I remember correctly, which I'm rather sure I do? You seemed perfectly fine with that at the time. Go fall in a hole with your douchey friends.
And then they came & just rang my doorbell a couple times then ran and jumped in a car & drove off on Friday? Wow, aren't you mature. "Hey guys, let's go ring my (totally beautiful) ex girlfriends doorbell then run away for fun".
Wait, are we in 3rd grade again or something? Aren't you cute.
Okay done ranting. I promise.
So my current theme song is I Knew You Were Trouble. by Taylore Swift. Pretty much my life story. but really.
Her whole new album is amazing actually. I'm obsessed with the song 22 on it too.
I'm so excited Christmas is coming up! I've actually picked out some stuff already... Including a totally adorable pair of lightwash denim destroyed Bulhhead Black jeans with light glitter on the from Pacsun! I'm obsessed.

Hannah Thinks...
I hate writing papers.
football players all talk the same.
I need a Santa Switch date.
I suck at math.
I have a C in English.
I used a blow torch this weekend.
Don't doubt me.
This suckssss.


~No Regrets~

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