Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So its almost Thanksgiving weekend... I'm slightly worried since for the past 2 years my Thanksgiving weekends have gotten very... Dramatic.... Boys & the drama they bring... But oh well. So I'm kinda going through this phase where I don't really want to date anyone... I'm just not feeling it. Apparently I seem like I'm "against relationships" (doesn't that make me look good :/...) according to this one guy I was talking to anyways. I hate my school. I can't wait to switch. And for high school. Today was the LONGEST day ever and I am so glad its only a 3 day week. People were being incredibly obnoxious. The highlight of my day was watching Alladin in French. As in they were talking in French. & that shows how sucky my day was.... Oh well. So since I was talking about how I don't feel like dating anyone I figured I'd describe my perfect guy

Hannah's Dream Guy <3
Smells like Hollister
Dresses well
Can dance
Has a British accent
Looks like Justin Bieber AND Austin Mahone (in one person)
Bad boy-ish

If there are any guys who meet this criteria you should definately contact me(:

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