Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh Wow,,.

Well. Today was okay I guess. Went to the mall with the best friend & my sister. Did meet up with said "cute boys"... Did I mention their brothers? We want to be related haha. He was so NOT my type though. Oh well. The guy kinda had me freaked out this morning because he said this guy was going with them that had a certain not very common name. Turned out it wasn't the guy I was thinking of, thank god. That would have made my life extremely awkward.
     Auditions for our school musical are next week. I'm kinda looking forward to have something to do. I still have dance though. Games have been boringggg this year. Our class has no school spirit. Then again I don't blame them. Our school sucks, I can't wait to leave.

My Pet Peeves
Shy boys...
Country songs by guys
Uncomfortable socks
Slow internet
Pretty girls who think their ugly
Ugly girls who think their so hot
My little's sisters dislike to all guys I like
Hairy slipper Boots

Well enough for today...

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