Thursday, November 24, 2011

Make My Day...

     It's Thanksgiving! I'm excited for Black Friday tomorrow too. Me and my best friend are going out and hopefully going to meet up with some cute boys. Lets hope we don't get trampled by crazed Christmas shoppers...
     I can't believe how fast this year has gone by so far, we only have like  4 weeks left until Christmas Break. And going out of town for my school's We the People state competition! I love how my mom sucks at keeping what I'm getting for Christmas a secret. And whatever she doesn't show me my little sister tells me about.
     Anyways, like I mentioned in my last post about how i seem like I'm against relationships to some people, I figured out why I don't especially like then... I get bored to easily. I know that sounds terrible but I realized its true. You have to be very interesting to keep my attention for long. Guys are kinda being jerks too. My good friend just got cheated on, and my best friend's sister is getting played by this guy. I mean seriously, how hard is it to find a goood guy nowadays?
     I keep getting these weird calls from different numbers. Sometimes its an unknown number, sometimes withheld, and sometimes a number that isn't blocked but I don't have. Someone called me with an area code from California yesterday. It's kinda creeping me out. I get an average of at least 2 calls a day. The person just listens to me say hello a couple times then hangs up. My friend thinks I'm getting stalked... Lets hope not...

Time for another list(:

10 Things That Can Make My Day
A text in the morning saying "Good Morning Beautiful(:"
A cute outfit
A good book
My ipod
My bestfriend
Chocolate chip waffles w/ peanut butter for breakfast
Netflix & hot chocolate<3
Caramel frappes
My panda pillow pet

Haha I'm such a dork... But at least I embrace it(:

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