Monday, March 05, 2012

Be careful what you wish for ; you just might get it.

So I found one issue I have. Every guy I start to get serious & talking too, I look for something wrong with them. Because there is something wrong with all of them. Like I'm talking to this guy & he just seems so perfect that there has to be something wrong with him... Oh well.
I was having a perfectly nice night, watchin Ridiculousness & cuddling with my puppy until my sister & brother kept bugging me. Sooo annoying.
I have a new texting buddy. He's kinda stupid... Oh well.
Hopefully going to the movies tommorrow<3 To see This Means War.

Hannah Thinks.
Guys confuse me.
My puppy is like my baby.
Peopleee :/

Forgot to post this on Feb. 19th... I always do this...

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