Monday, March 05, 2012

I'm going through the same day, same life, same way I always do ; when I saw you from the corner of my eye

Quotes of the Day:

So I've been pretty busy. Friday I walked to Starbucks with my best friend & these 3 guys. & met this other guy there that I didn't even mean to invite. Blonde moment...
Well its Valentine's Day. Which I personally think is overrated. And no. I am not just saying this because I'm single. I'm single BY CHOICE. I don't just date every guy that wants to get with me like some girls...
The chocolate roses got delivered today. I got 2. One from my bestfriend & one from someone that didn't sign it with anything... Hmm.
This girl I know was having people put a candy or something for Valentin'e's Day on her boyfriends desk every period. She had me do it 3rd. It was a really cute idea.

Wrote this yesterday & forgot to post it...

hannah thinks...
Researarch papers :/
I mean to post this like the day after Valentines day but forgot.... Soooo. Yeah.

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