Sunday, March 04, 2012

Uhm, hello ; can we get the party started?

Quote of they Day:
"You never know a good thing until its gone."

So I had a pretty fun weekend. I always see the most awkward people at the mall though.... And then Emma talked me into doing something that I haven't decided if I regret it or not... *sigh*
Boys make life way more difficult than it should be. And I think my boyfriends mad at me? We didn't talk all day... Hmm.
Fine then. I had some interesting conversations with my tall stupid-ish guy friend anyways.
This is my last week at this school. And Musical is this Thursday and Friday. & we have Istep Tuesday through Thursday...
On Friday we were stuck in the hallway forever because of tornadoes & stuff in the area. So we have to have our assembly tomorrow now.
I just finishes the book The Hunger Games. Best.Book.Ever.
I can never spell hunger right on my first try...

Hannah Thinks
I got this really sparkly eye makeup <3.
I <3 my puppy.
Lil Freak by Usher & Nicki Minaj is a good song.
Siblings are annoying.

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