Monday, October 22, 2012

Wild childs, looking good, living hard just like we should

Monday mornings suck. I never want to get out of bed.
I actually don't have to get up until 6:20 this year. But still. I need my sleep.
At least I have lunch next. But we still have an hour :/

I just now realized how much I actually like the song Marvin's Room by Drake.
God, why do I love my bestfriend so much? I miss her. Siiiigh. Emma, that is.
Because Emma didn't take my netbook or anything... ^^^

But Taylor Swift's new album Red is completely amazing.
Her song I Knew You Were Trouble is the best thing I've ever heard. And Sad Beautiful Tragic is really good too.

Die Young by Ke$ha is my happy song.
Is it bad that I think having a life like a Ke$ha song would be the funnest thing ever?
Parties, glitter, cute boys, being crazy (& slightly skanky) but not caring what anybody else thinks? I accept.
Too bad the city I live in freakin sucks.

I've come to the conclusion that I forgive to easily. And end up getting screwed over because of that. But really. Like a guy will do something really stupid, but I'll end up forgiving him after I get over the first couple weeks of being incredibly mad. I always just chill out & get over things and then when the guy comes trying to talk to me again at first I'm still kinda like "no, I'm still mad" but after about a week or two of them still trying to talk to me I get over it and just forgive them.
Stupidest thing ever to do. I mean, yeah sometimes even the good guys are going to mess up & you should forgive them. Then there's those idiots that you should never forgive ever. Stupid boys.
The only thing I won't forgive a guy for is cheating. Although I've never been cheated on, several guys have told me they didn't have a girlfriend while talking to me, and then later I would find out they actually did have a girlfriend and get to deal with her flipping out on me.
Or lying straight to my face. Which often goes right with saying they don't have a girlfriend on many occasions.
Stupid boys.
If you can't tell I am slightly irritated with the general male population for no apparent reason right now.
Okay. Enough venting for now.
Actually. Just kidding.
So I hate the fact that everyone still feels the need to fill me in on the whereabouts of my ex and what current girl he is talking to every other week. Although, it seems he hasn't been able to stick with one girl for more than 2 weeks, if even that, since we broke up. Hehehe.
Although I guess I can't really be talking since I haven't either. But still.
And back to people always telling me about him, I get it if its one of my best friends, because I'd rather hear it from them. But when the random girl sitting in front of me in English feels the need to inform me that he was hitting on her this weekend? I didn't need to know that, thank you very much.
Okay. Now I really am ranting. But he had his friend who is also my friend's ex ask his ex (my friend) for my number. Did he delete my number? Or get a new phone? And why did he all of a sudden want to talk to me again? My friend had to tell him I was grounded... So I guess I'll never know. But it's probably good I can't talk to him...

Okay. I am officially done ranting. For now.

Hannah Thinks...
It's almost Halloween!
I hate doing the laundry.
Music <333333
Stupid boys.
My best friend & I are going to open a cupcake & coffee shop.
It's going to be an un-mainstreamed Starbucks!
I hate how everything is going mainstream.
Even hating mainstream is becoming mainstream.
That's just sad.
I can't wait until I'm 18 & can get a tattoo.
Tomorrow's a white day!
White Day lunches >>>
All the cute boys in our white day lunches >>>
Including the sexy singer in a sexy band <3
And the hot varsity soccer player table.
Which just so happens to be right next to ours.
Purely a coincidence.
Well... mostly.
But Yumm.
It's Taco day too!
This just keeps getting better & better.
I kinda like the fact that no one at North but Emma knows my life story.
Makes things so much more interesting.
I saw a ginger pick his nose!
Me & my bestfriend about died laughing.
And now I'm cracking up again just typing it.
Stupid boy.


~No Regrets~

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