Monday, December 03, 2012

All that I know is I don't know how to be something you miss

Hello guys.
So Santa Switch was on Saturday. And I actually had alot of fun. Without a date. But I did slow dance with this super cute guy from my English class. Like super cute. With really cute brown eyes. Brown eyes <333333 But he was actually there with this sophmore girl as his date and she got mad when she saw us dancing so I kinda feel bad.  But he's cute & nice so it's whatever. And my best friend had him put his number in her phone & they were texting about me... Hmm.
North guys are so much nicer than Central guys. They're getting cuter too. Me & the guy I danced with got my bestfriend a guy to dance with. He was really cute too. Best friend award over here. I'll post some pictures from the dance later.
But anyways. That awkward moment when English class guy reads this post about him... Oh well. If I didn't talk about boys what would I have to say that would be entertaining... So freaking cute...

Hannah Thinks...
I'm ready for next year's Santa Switch already.
We even went to Cheeseburger in Paradise afterwards!
And then slept over at my friends house.
8 hours in my dress was long enough for me though.
And I made the musical!
It's Into the Woods & I'm in the chorus.
My best friend says I get every guy I want.
Not true.
Most of the guys I want end up being douches anyways.
Me and my sucky judgment.
How sad is that.
My poor poor puppy had to get a bath...
She wears sweaters.
And one has balls on it!
I should probably being doing my laundry so I actually have clothes to wear.
The boys at North are definitely getting cuter.
I can't wait to be ungrounded.
Soccer players aren't that cute anymore.
Some people don't know how to dress.
When guys dress cute >>>
When guys have brown eyes >>>
And I can actually say that now.
Since my last boyfriend was a ginger w/ blue eyes.
I reallly really really really really really hate the song Payphone.
So much.
I want to look cute tomorrow.
Psh what am I saying?
I look cute everyday.
I looked awkward today.
I'm not a cute sick person.
And I'm still lacking sleep from Saturday.
Even though all I did yesterday was sleep.
Finals are in a few weeks :/
My fake nails are getting annoying.
I'm so happy I switched to North.
Guess what guys?
My life is still boring right now.
But guess what?
It won't be in a week?
Because guess what?
Go me.
I just sneezed and scared my dog.
I really need to get a life...
I'm such a dork sometimes.
Oh well.
It's hot.
Gotta love me.


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