Wednesday, February 08, 2012

But if you let me, here's what I'll do,, I'll take care of you...

Quotes of the Day:

"Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone."

"I'm in love with you darling."

So my puppy won't stop freakin whining. She's been  doing it for like 30 minutes straight. :/

Things of Interest
-Candy Roses
-The Woman in Black
-The Vow
-Valentine's Day
-6th graders
-My dog that won't shut up
-Urban dictionary

So I was talking about how our school is selling schocolate roses and you can  have them delivered to people during homeroom on Valentine's Day and this should be interesting.
I went to see the Woman in Black last Saturday & it was scary. I screamed. Me & my friend sat there holding hands the whole time.
I really want to see the Vow this weekend. But of course its only in one theatre...
People are all depressed about being single for Valentine's Day... Why? I'm totally cool with being single. It's actually alot more fun if you ask me.
This guy keeps asking me if I want to "talk talk" to him. As in talk like we're dating but not actually date. Awkward. PLAYER!
Why do slutty girls call other slutty girls sluts? Its not like there any better than them...
Boys. Hmm.
Musical sucked today. I hate full cast rehearsals. People are annoying.
Speaking of annoying things. SIXTH GRADERS.
My dog is still barking. UGH.
Don't urban dictionary stuff. Ever...

Yesterday we had a home basketball game. & our school actually won. But a bunch of the basketball players from the other team kept talking to me ( they were black) hehe. One was like "hey, can we have your number?" & I'm like "Sure. You want my boyfriends too?" And everyone's like "Ohhhh". Even though I don't have a boyfriend. Oh well. You gotta admit that was pretty good...

I'm going to bed<3

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