Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't stop cause we're so high

"You had me at hello."

"Its mind over matter. I don't mind & you don't matter."

I'm going to blog again because why not? And I have some stuff to vent about.
Ok so first off.
-My parents set a limit on my phone so that I can't text past 9 pm on school nights. ANNOYING. AT least I don't have a limit on weekends... And they didn't do anything about calling so yahno...
-This guy I dated last year (he's a year older...) who is like totally gorgeous decided he wanted to get back with me on Saturday? Of course he would wait until I had a boyfriend... We hadn't really talked since the beginning of the year but then we saw each other like 3 times in the last 2 weeks... My friends were all against me talking to him though because they think he's a jerk. He's kinda a douche though. He's like a total charmer & knows what girls want to hear. I hate guys like that. Yet I love it. If that makes any sense. I was so confused over this issue...
-I really really really want to see the movie Gone this weekend. It looks so good.
- I have a French test next period. I'm screwed.
-I'm excited for the tournament today  but I need to make myself actually look presentable first...
-I had a lot more stuff to talk about but I can't remember it.
-Its weird how much like spring it feels right now. I hate winter. But I hate humidity too.
So bye I guess <3

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