Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Stepped up in the party like me name was "that bitch"

Quote of the Day:

"If you're ever questioning whether someones is worth it, they aren't. If they really were you wouldn't even have to question it."

"I love you."

I finally got my netbook back! But they erased everything off of it. So all of my music & pictures are gone. :/
School was lame. As always.
I'm talking to this gorgeous guy though<3 He's so fine...
On saturday I went to the mall & movies with people for my birthday. It was interesting. I ended up hanging out with this girl that I didn't really like at first. She's pretty chill though.

Hannah Thinks...
My blog keeps getting hacked...
My precious puppy has a pink parka!
I find the best songs.
I'm good at talking to people I don't know.
This was supposed to have been posted yesterday... Oh well.

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