Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm more than just an option,, can never be forgotten.

People keep getting into fights on facebook. I find it rather annoying.
One of the things that really annoys me is when guys ask me for slutty pictures. & when I say no they keep asking. I'm.Not.A.Whore. Stop asking... I swear.
So I really want to see The Vow this weekend with this cute guy & my best friend<3
I've kinda been going back & forth between guys the past couple weeks. I'll talk to this guy at my school, then he'll end up annoying me or making me mad so I'll stop talking to him. Then I'll talk to this other guy thats insanely gorgeous. Then there's this cute freshman that's always hitting on me. And this guy from my school that is a major flirt. I'm not going to date anyone from my school because I'll just be leaving in a little over a month. Right now, gorgeous guy (who doesn't go to my school) is looking the best....

My best friend took this picture of me at the library the other day & I'm in love<3

I need to post a picture of my puppy Bella. She's precious<3

Hannah Thinks...
We're dancing in pajamas at the game today? Win.

Guys are annoyingly cute.
It cracks me up when guys talk all ghetto-like. "Damn girl, you is fine" hehe
I'm being a good girl.
I don't trust people...
I hate it when people ask me why I don't trust them. I just don't. No specific reason.

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