Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby I have no story to be told...

6 days of school left. Yess<3
We're just watching movies in all of our classes.
I really really really want to go shopping at Forever 21 & Hollister today!
So people are annoying. Like girls on Facebook. A guy will comment on a girls picture & be like "You're beautiful" and the girl will comment back and be like "I'm not, but thank you." & just keep saying she's not pretty. Oh shush. You know you're pretty or else you wouldn't say you aren't.
And there's this one 6th grade girl that cracks me up. Her posts are like "Finally found the perfect guy, I'm done clubbing, I don't need that anymore. <3". Well first off, might I remind you that YOU ARE IN SIXTH GRADE. And secondly you have been dating this guy for exactly... ONE day. And he's already your "true love"? And lastly "I'm done clubbing, I don't need that anymore." I'm not even going to get started on this... Our society nowadays is pitiful.
This movie is stupiddd.

So this is a Hannah's Thinks list I did on paper like 3 weeks ago & I'm going to post it because its pretty entertaining. Soooo...

Hannah Thinks...
So this movie is lame.
Boys are idiots.
^^^And they wonder why girls are going lesbian.
Movies where animals talk.<<<
Twitter is addicting.
Is it that hard to like just one girl?
I am so a trustworthy person.
Zoo dates <3
She ratchet?
I <3 YouTube.
My boyfriend is an idiot.
Who leaves the 14 year old son home alone for a week?
Poor zebra.
I think I like you.
A guy just gave me a rose?
You're bipolar.
Are you gonna kiss me or not?
I don't have reception in heree. :/
I have boy issues.
Starbucks Happy Hour? Oh yes <3

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