Thursday, May 17, 2012

& its not even my birthday, my birthday...But he wanna lick the icing off.

Its Thursday <3 & tommorow we're going to Holiday World. <3
I'm ready for this weekend..
So there's this one guy that tries to get with me everytime I have a boyfriend. Like he'll just start texting me like "Hey Beautiful" & telling me he misses me & all this stuff & I'm just like ummm okayy. He's reallllyyyy cute though (and older)! But he's kinda a jerk. Like he's talk talked to me while he's had a girlfriend before so that's not really working for me.

Hannah Thinks...
Guys w/ their ears peirced=sexy.
Why are bad boys so hot...
I'm excited for tomorrow.
Our principal talks alottt.
I don't get golf...
People crack me up.
I need to redo my nails.
I suck at lazertag.
My dog <3's me.

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