Thursday, May 10, 2012

All these fairy tales are full of it, one more stupid love song I'll be sick.

Today is going to suck. I don't know why. It just will.
But on the way to school we were watching this video of hot Harvard baseball players dancing to Call Me Maybe on a bus. It's great. I definately know where I'm going to college now...
I almost got grounded yesterday. But I didn't. So its all good.
My puppy's sick :( Poor puppy.
Only NINE days of school left. Oh yes <3
I only have $6 for this weekend. How is that supposed to work? *sigh*
I'm colddd.
I love the way my hair looks curled. Thats going to be my hairstyle for the summer since it stays wavy really well.
So I actually don't think I'm going to be seeing my "summer guy" this summer... That could actually be really good... But I'm sure at some point I will... Not so good.

Hannah Thinks...
My poor poor puppy...
I was in a bad mood yesterday.
Girls on facebook act like skanks. I swear
If you're a 6th grade girl & you're facebook status is "f*ck you pay me" you look like a slut. Really...
No. just no.
I'll be a freshman in 13 days!
This summer is going to be amazing.

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