Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I wanna dance, & love, & dance, & dance....

Well. I don' know how to do this project so I'm just going to blog. When in doubt, blog. Story of my life.
So I have the WEIRDEST dreams ever. People would be so weirded out by my dreams. My puppy is stupid and got yellow paint on her ear? It's kinda cute(:
Hopefully my boyfriend is in my neighborhood today so I'll get to see him.. I can be chill around him which is what I like. I might go to a choir concert tonight... Or the city track meet though...
I had to go to this honors banquet last night. It was boringg. Isn't everything...
Rihanna's new song Where Have You Been is amazing <3
The music video for Sombody that I used to Know is so weird... Go watch it. Its just awkward.
But in JLo's music video for Dance, this really sexy guy is in it. He is soooo sexy. His name is like Casper or something weird like that but he is the hottest guy ever.

Hannah Thinks...
I miss my Thompkins people :/
I don't get gardening.
I don't know my heritage?
Books we have to read at school suck.
Dear John is a good book.
I kinda want to see Avengers.
I want to go home.
the majority of guys suck.
And they woner why girls are going lesbian?


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