Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey I heard you were a wild one

Its Thursday! Thank god<3 Saturday is the Spring Fling. Its this thing at this Elementary School that a bunch of people go to... I'm hopefully going with people. I have to work at the fish booth though :/ Eww fish.
We have this wreath thingey on our front door & this bird made a nest & layed her eggs in it. They hatched a couple days ago & I was all like aww baby birds there going to be adorable. No. They're so creepy looking. They have like no feathers...
I've decided that for my 16th birthday party I'm going to have a masquerade. Cute right?
But Anyways.

Ugly birds.
Cute boys.
One Direction.
Guys that play basketball.
Being called beautiful.
Holiday World.
Walks with cute boys.

The guys here.
Guys that sing.
Being called hot.
Almost killing my puppy with a basketball.

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