Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow swag, swag, swag, on you/

Only Justin Bieber could say swaggy & make it sound sexy<3 Actually that whole song is incredibly hot<3
But I'm just sitting in homeroom listening to Take Care... Best song ever. Other than Boyfriend. I want a guy to ask me out by singing that<3

So Twitter actually isn't that cool.. I mean its okay.
I can't hear anybody but Drake singing right now. I love it.

Hannah Thinks...
Can't deny that I want you but I'll lie if I have too.
Some of the people in my homeroom are awkward...
I've been emailing my bestfriend for the past couple days. I <3 her(:
Everyone feels the need to inform me that I'm dating a ginger. Yess, I'm aware.
Summer needs to get here soon.
This time last year was soooo dramatic....
I miss people </3
I hate my choir teacher here.
We're falling in love...Until the sun's coming up...Just living the life.

Now I'm listening to Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha. <3


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