Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'd like to be everything you want, hey girl let me talk to you.

I would write the funniest stuff earlier this year about how I wanted my year to end up. And how some things actually ended up the way I wanted them too... And others didn't at all. But all in all this year was pretty decent.

Alot of stuff has happened since the last time I posted...
The musical was on like March 9th so that was forever ago. First night totally sucked but the second went way better. After the first night we went to Dairy Queen. Fries & a blizzard <3 Best Thing Ever. After the second night I slept over at Emma's house & we had cute boys over... But we broke this pipe in this closet thingey and I felt bad... It was so one of the guys. But once again... A guy & girl in a dark closet isn't always what it seems... Then again sometimes it is...  I'm dating this guy from my old school. He's a ginger... But its cute(: It kinda sucks that we don't go to the same school anymore though. Oh well.

The new school is interesting. And really different. Its huge. There are a lot of fights...  Its interesting.
Is it sad that I can't tell black guys apart? Like they honestly all look the same to me.

I have a puppy. She loves me <3
I take her on walks all the time & we make the cutest pair ever. Cute girl & cute dog. Doesn't get much better than that.

Hannah Thinks...
I didn't think I wanted a bf but I'm dating this guy... I guess I really like him.
My puppy<3
Winky faces are dirty? ;)
I can't wait until summer.
I need Starbucks. Now.
Guys & girls eat seperately at this school? Lameee.

Oh well. bye<3

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