Friday, April 27, 2012

So lets get up, lets get started, don't you leave my broken hearted tonight

So Its Friday. Thank God.
But I'm really tired :/
Our cute kindergartener pen pals are coming to see us today. This should be interesting.
Guess what I get to do tomorrow? Work at our yard sale. Ugh. But at least then I can be like but mom I spent all morning doing that I have to do something tonight.
Biggest fail ever. So I was going to text my boyfriend right, & it just so happens he has the same first name as this freshman that like obsessed over me this summer. So instead of sending "Heyy(:" to my boyfriend I sent it to the other guy accidentally and he texts back & is all like "Hey baby(;"... I'm just like "uhh. Wrong person. Sorry." Hahahah you just got rejected by an 8th grader. Your lame.
I kinda want to see Titanic again this weekend. That was the best movie ever. Like no joke. I'm in love with it <3
We're going to watch the Lorax today in English & Lit. All I'm going to be able to think about is the last time I didn't watch that movie...
But when we went to the movies on Sunday night it was like dead. There was no one there. There were 2 other people in the theatre other than us. Weird.. I'm used to going to the movies & seeing everyone.
But apparently this girl was like trying to get my boyfriend to kiss her & was all like who cares Hannah won't find out. You little skank. Honestly if I'd heard it was somebody else saying that I probably wouldn't believe it. But since it was this girl I don't doubt it at all.
One Direction is pretty dang amazing. Their song Stole My Heart is my new favorite song. Look it up. Now. & Fall in love. <3333

Hannah Thinks...
Some people are really nice.
Its almost the weekend <3
Summer <3
1368 is like my signatire number thingey.


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