Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your stare was holding, ripped jeans skin was showing, hot night wind was blowing, where you think you're going baby?

So I'm excited for tonight. My Besfriend A is coming over and we're hopefully going to the movies with our boyfriends who are best friends... That worked out nicely now.

Hannah Thinks...
People are so stupid...
I'm excited for tonight & tommorrow<3
My best friend made high school cheer!
2 best friends dating 2 best friends = best thing ever(:
I haven't had starbucks in forever :(
Guys at this school creep me out.
I'm finally getting better at French.
When an ugly guy gets a cute car he automatically loooks hotter.
Purple is my color.

P.S I meant to post this on Friday

XOXO- Hannah

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