Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer came like cinnamon ; so sweet...

Well this weekend was pretty dang amazing. I ended up going to the movies Friday night with my bestfriend & her boyfriend, & my boyfriend, which was fun. Except for they brought their creepy asian friend because it was his birthday. Eww. Then on Saturday I went to the Spring Fling, which is this thing at my sisters elementary school... Alot of people go. Its kind of like a summer social with games and food and all that stuff and the guys went with us too. Then I slept over at Emma's house <3 We got some really cool pictures too. I'll have to post them later. But I don't want to go to school :/ But Its another 4 day week which makes it better (:
I haven't been feeling good though :/

Hannah Thinks...
I'm not a very deep person...
Hot showers <3
I am going to get Starbucks this week. I have too.
Me & Emma made frappes today. They were pretty good.
I can't cook.
The Hunger Games was good.
We almost got kicked out of a movie theatre. For doing nothing...
I need to paint my nails.
I got in trouble for kissing my boyfriend by some random lady at the Fling?
Go die in a hole.
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift smells amazing.

XOXO-Hannah <3

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