Sunday, September 16, 2012

You & I, we'll be young forever

So this weekend was fun. I didn't do much except for Saturday night but oh well. I was super tired. I went to a bonfire at my friend's house though.
And she  likes this guy. And this guy knows she likes him. And then we hung out at the bonfire last night. Then he texted me afterwards & said he "kinda" liked me... Because that doesn't make things complicated at all.

Oh. & funniest thing ever (for me at least, you will probably just think its stupid but oh well).
So we went to my grandma's house tonight for dinner. And guess who lives in my grandma's neigborhood? "John" (the guy that got me grounded this summer). So he had been texting me yesterday asking me if I wanted to hang out last night and then he was texting me today too and then I just stopped replying because he was like "yeah you should come over and not watch football with me"... So we're just sitting in my grandma's living room and she has this huge window so that you can see the street out front. So we're just sitting there & this pretty blonde girl goes walking by down the street texting & I'm just sitting here like "okay, I bet you anything that girl is going to John's house." So we're still all just sitting there still and about 5 minutes later here comes the same girl walking down the street. And she's with a guy. Not just any guy though. John. So I'm just sitting here cracking up like yeah they're totally "going on a walk" and I know exactly what they're going to be doing.
Little manwhore & pretty stupid girl.
Always works out that way...

So like. At the bonfire everyone was saying me & this ginger guy that was sitting next to me would be a cute couple. He's a cool ginger though. & a football player. & dresses really well. But he's not really cute. And I can't date another ginger after The Ginger because then everyone will make fun of me :( Poor gingers.
I swear though. This ginger has a girlfriend but he was totally flirting with me last night anyways.

And then there's my guy that goes to Sig. He's super cute. But not really crazy or anything like that. Which is kinda not the type of guy I usually go for.. But maybe that could be good.

Hannah Thinks..
Tomorrow is a green day. Yay!
There was this guy at the bonfire...
That had a super sexy body...
It was super super hot...
But he's "talking" to this ugly girl.
Like seriously.
There are really very few ugly people in this world.
Some are just more attractive than others.
But no.
She is seriously not cute.
In any way.
Or Form.
And she's annoying.
Very bad judgment for The Guy with the Sexy Body.
He's a football player.
Mayber football players are hot after all.
Soccer players are delish though.
I already did my math homework!
Without having to ask cute Sig guy for help!
Asking him for help wouldn't have neccessarily have been a bad thing.
I really want to talk to The Ginger.
Not the bonfire ginger.
But The Ginger.
I don't miss him as a boyfriend neccessarily.
I just miss him being in my life at all.
I hate how we don't talk anymore.
At all.
We haven't had a real conversation in months.
That's really sad...
He was like my bestfriend/make out partner.
Hahahahah MOP.
Get it?
Make Out Partner = MOP.
One of my friends made that up forever ago...
Those were the good days...
Not really.
But yahno.
Cute boy tried stealing my word from me today.
I set him straight ;)
That sounds dirty...
Then again..
Doesn't everything nowadays.
I'm already getting tired again..
Boys make no sense.
Like seriously.
And I think me & the guy that my friend likes but he likes me...
Might have had like a "moment".
Like yahno.
We were alone.
In the dark.
And we didn't actually do anything.
But still.
A moment.
Not really.
That makes no sense.


~no regrets~

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