Monday, September 03, 2012

No one can do you the way that I do, boy I

So this weekend was a success for sure.
Friday I had 3 friends over and we got ready for the North game. Then we went to the game where a cute black guy asked me for my number & I met this other super cute guy.
Then on Saturday I went to the mall with my bestfriend & got cute clothes.
Then Sunday night I slept over at my bestfriend's house with these 2 other girls & we went on a walk in the pouring rain. And cute boy I met at the game Friday asked this girl for my number and has been texting me...
So yes. very successful weekend. Anyways.

Pre-game pictures <3

Hannah Thinks...
Hello cute boys I met this weekend.
I miss my long hair sooo much.
I have showchoir tomorrow.
And get to be with Miss I Can Do Everything Perfectly.
Not even fair.
And I'm not kidding.
She's good at everything. And pretty. And nice.
That shouldn't be allowed to happen...
I hate Algebra 2.
But my C in it is getting higher.
Soccer players are hot.
I can't understand the way black guys text.
My bestfriend is the Black Whisperer.
For future reference, make sure you wear waterproof mascara on a walk in the pouring rain.
I want to go gnoming.
I need my Twitter back.
I'm over it.
Boys are so cute it's annoying.
That awkward moment when your friend likes a guy.
And she wants you to ask him if he likes her, right?
But you already know that he likes this other girl.
And the other girl likes him too.
And you have to tell your friend he likes someone else.
But you can't tell her it's the other girl.
Because her and the other girl are friends.
And that will just start drama.
Then again, won't anything.
How annoying.
I don't think I get jealous that easily?
Because I mean...
If the guy is your boyfriend he obviously chose you over other girls.
(unless he's awkward/ugly)
So there's no reason to be jealous.
You're the one that he chose as his girlfriend.
If he wanted to be with that other girl he would be.
So I actually get more jealous when I'm not dating the guy.
Because then he can still talk to whoever he wants and all that lovely stuff.
What's with high school dance teams & sucking?
I mean really...
They have some really good dancers on them..
But when you get them all out there together to perform..
Total trainwreck...

Enough ranting for tonight & I need to go read Speak for English tomorrow anyways.

~No Regrets~

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