Wednesday, September 05, 2012

We are the young & wise too, we require certain skills

So the John Mayer pandora station is my new favorite thing ever <333
And I'm talking to this super cute guy I met at the game Friday... And he actually listens to good music! And he can play the piano <3 How dreamy is that?
But there's one slight problem... My friend might like him. She claims she doesn't but who knows... He asked her for my number after the game since I actually met him through her and she gave it to him but I didn't text him back the first couple times he texted me because I thought she liked him so then she was like "Oh my gosh you have to text him back! I seriously don't like him at all!" So I did... But what if she does like him? She keeps saying she doesn't but I'm afraid she does...
I had a dream about the ginger last night. Enough said...
I want to go to the movies this weekend... But there are no good movies out unless I want to see the Dark Knight Rises and I am forever more refusing to watch Batman or Spiderman. Ever.
I brought the best lunch ever today. A spinach salad with honey mustard dressing, carrots, & feta cheese, Apples & yogurt dip, and almonds. <3
I'm already super hungry though. And we're rehearsing for showchoir during enrichment next period.
My Hair needs to grow! It's so sad.
My biology teacher today is wearing these striped flats with striped colorful socks. No. I just want to dress her... She's honestly clueless when it comes to clothes.
But seriously. The John Mayer station is like the best thing ever.
So today when we pulled into school we were playing Get Low super loud with the screen rooof open. Funniest thing ever. Just 4 totally white preppy girls dressed in school uniforms climbing out of a suburban with that song blaring in the background. Rather entertaining.
OMGOMGOMG The Fall Fesetival is in a month!!!!! I'm so freaking excited! I live for fall, not even kidding. We need to get fall weather though. It's been in like the 90's the past week... It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend though so that should be lovely. I love fall so much <3333

Guys with Sexy Voices
John Mayer.
Chris Brown.
Justin Bieber.

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