Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take me to your best friends house, marmalade we're making out

Hannah Thinks...
Florence & the Machine are seriously amazing.
So are the Fray.
And Usher.
Dangly earrings make me feel prettier.
Who knows why..
I really want an Iphone.
And I might actually get one soon!!!!
5 months until my birthday!
Guys that can play the piano >>>
& soccer players >>>
My mom wears her hair in pigtails...
I adore her <3
My puppy is being bad.
I <3 my indie playlist.
When in doubt, listen to John Mayer.
Helps everything.
I get my Twitter & Facebook back soon!!!
I've actually been going to sleep somewhat early for me.
I suck at math...
A cute boy even tried helping me!
That was kinda cute though..
It's offically Fall!
My life is made.
I want to go to a pumpkin patch!
And I get to go on a trip to IU soon with a bunch of people <3
Bonfire this weekend!!!
Well I hope.
I have lunch next!
And it's a green day <3
Step Up 2 has the best soundtrack.
So does Twilight.
Even though Twilight is kinda totally overrated.
I still haven't gotten a pair of vans!
And I want another pair of Toms...
I hate my dreams.
They're so weird.
My thoughts suck today so I'm just going to go.


~No Regrets~

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