Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're together, now we're undone

Oh my gosh. Usher has the hottest voice ever. Like seriously. I'm in love <3
And guess what? It's fall! Like officially. I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove fall so much!
Is it bad that I've already started my Christmas list? I really want a cute super fluffy white robe to wear while I'm getting ready... Am I lame or what?
But this weekend was fun. I went to a football game on Friday with some friends then on Saturday I had to babysit my little brother then I went over to my bestfriend's house.

Hopefully our plans to have a bonfire at this girl's grandparent's house this weekend will work out. They live in this huge house and have a big yard and everything.
I want to have a bunch of people over on like Friday too... And theres a pretty big football game on Saturday... And I want to hang out with this cute guy I met... And my best friend that goes to Central wants us to do something too... I still have no money. And I need to start saving up for the IU football game trip coming up again <3

So it's 9/11... I'm only 14 so I was really young when it actually happened but I was thinking about how scary it would have been if I actually realized what was happening...
It's my best guy friend's birthday too! Well his and his 2 brother's (their triplets) so I need to make him a card! I probably won't be able to give it to him today though since I have show choir & then my sister is running at a cross country meet...
Good Songs
Be Ok--Ingrid Michaelson
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)--Foster the People
Shake it Out--Florence & the Machine
Full Moon--The Black Ghosts
Moving in the Dark--Neon Trees
Now or Never--Outasight
You Found me--The Fray
Stop & Stare--One Republic
Chasing Cars--Snow Patrol
Your Body is a Wonderland--John Mayer
Gravity--John Mayer
Free Falling--John Mayer
She is Love--Parachute (Only the acoustic version though)

Hannah Thinks...
I'm super hungry.
Lunch is next period.
The ginger wants to sit with us...
I can't wait for this weekend.
I love this weather!
September & October are the best months ever.
I'm dressing up my puppy for Halloween.
She's going to hate me for this.
This creepy guy is in my homeroom now... He creeps on me.
I am in love with Usher & John Mayer's voice.
Seriously. I want to go to a John Mayer concert.
Or a Nicki Minaj concert...
Or the Cab.
Or Justin Bieber <333333
I feel like dancing...
This is a good song.
The guys at North sadly aren't that cute....
But the hot black guy that said I was pretty at the assembly on Friday....
People are annoying though.
If you don't want me to talk to a guy because you like him or something...
Tell me.
I won't talk to him then.
But you can't just expect me to know.
Or don't say I can talk to him & then get mad.
People nowadays...
The fact that Pretty Girl Rock used to be me & my friends theme song >>>>
Actually it still is...
We're cute.
Well kinda.

~No Regrets~

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