Thursday, September 06, 2012

You've been saying all night long that you couldn't wait to get me all alone

So my new theme song is Blue Jeans by Jesse James. My bestfriend's sister was playing it in the car today & I'm officially in love <3
We always listen to the best music in the morning.
Yesterday was a John Mayer & Ingrid Michaelson day. Today is definately an Usher and Drank in My Cup kinda day.
See. My bipolar music taste.
Lemme See--Usher. Good song. <3

Hannah Thinks....
Algebra 2 is hardd.
I'm good at French though.
Ghetto music today? I think yes.
Speak is a good book.
I brought a taco salad for lunch today <3
I'm hopefully going to the North vs. Bosse game at Bosse tomorrow with my friend (:
I'm kinda happy I'm not a cheerleader or dancer or anything...
The dance team kinda sucks anyways...
You can't dance to Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
Just no.
I'm going to my siuster's track meet today...

~No Regrets~

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