Sunday, December 09, 2012

I'm known to walk alone but I'm alone for a reason

Hey loves.
So I had a very chill weekend and didn't go anywhere... But I was just getting ready for next weekend. Because it's my first ungrounded weekend in 3 months!!!!!!!!!! I'm free as of Wednesday!!!
So freaking excited.
Is it sad that I'm already planning what to wear?
And Christmas is in 16 days! How exciting is this?
Very exciting, I'm aware.
Andddd me & my sister might even be getting Iphones! <3
This just keeps getting better and better.

Oh yeah. And before I forget I would like to give a shoutout to the lovely people who decided to repeatedly ring our doorbell last night at 2 am. Thank you so much for waking me up. And being kind enough to wait 3 minutes before ringing the doorbell again just in case we didn't hear the first time,. How very thoughtful of you.
Probably my douche of an ex and his friends again... They ring the doorbell the same way everytime so it's a slight give away on their part. How smart are they?
Annoying people nowadays.  Not to mention I had just watched Don't be Afraid of the Dark before going to bed. I was slightly freaked out of those little creepy monkey/bat/rat things being underneath my bed and had a mini heart attack the second time they rang the doorbell since I just figured the first time it had been a dream and I imagined it.. And I like never get scared from movies or anything either. But those things were really really really creepy. Not even kidding.

Not that I'm listening to Strip by Chris Brown and totally dancing all by myself while I'm typing this... I really need to start getting out of the house more...

See how creepy they are! Don't lie, you totally just did a little mini gasp/scream.
Or maybe it's just me & the fact that I gasp/scream during movies... alot...
Not my fault I startle easily.

Anyways. You know what's really hot? When guys wear sweaters. And jeans. And match. Yum <3

I was just thinking about how I got to see Hunter Hayes live this summer. He's so cute <3 He really is. Go look at a picture of him. And he told me he wanted to make me feel wanted. How hot is that?

Now I'm listening to Rack City.

Dear Tyga's Voice,
Marry me?

Seriously. There is something insanely sexy about it, not gonna lie.
Although he seems rather cocky... And like a player.
*sigh* Aren't they always.

Hannah's List of Hottness.
When guys sing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
When guys match >>>>>>>
When guys wear sweaters >>>>>>
When guys wear Vans >>>>>
When guys are smart >>>>
When guys are funny >>>>>>>>>>
When guys are confiden but not cocky >>>>>>>>>
When guys get along with your best friend >>>>>>>
When guys play with yoiur little brother >>>>>>
When guys dress in the preppy Abercrombie style >>>>>>>>>>>
When guys are tall & skinny but not too skinny >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
When guys text you goodmorning >>>>>>>
When guys call you gorgeous >>>>>>>
When guys play basketball >>>>>
When guys play soccer >>>>>>>
When guys play football >>>
When guys have abs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
When guys have kittens >>>>>>>>
When guys watch movies with you >>>>>>>


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