Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Before you, I'd only dated self-indulgent takers, that took all of their problems out on me.

Hello chicas!
That's my new word. You like? It means girl in Spanish if you didn't already know.. Even though I take French. But oh well. Chica sounds cuter than fille (girl in French). And I refer to pretty much everyone as either doll, love, darling, babe, & now chica. How cute is that?
Anyways. I am officially ungrounded as of today. I spent pretty much all day texting. I missed people so much.
But sadly, next week is finals week. I'm kinda totally stressing out. I didn't really think finals were going to be this stressful but everything has been so hectic. * Sigh*
But on the bright side, I have my phone back and some friends are coming over tomorrow to make fudge & chocolate covered pretzels for our Holiday Concert cake & cookie walk on Friday.
I'm so excited for Christmas...
I really probably should be studying some more for my U.S History & Algebra 2 tests I have tomorrow.
But I was seriously getting really stressed out. So I decided to blog a bit.

Shoutout to this cute guy in my English class who is the only reason I get anything we are doing right now in Algebra class. Not to mention, you would be really cute with my best friend. Just saying.
See, told you I'd talk about you since I "talk about everyone on my "book" as you call it".

Anyways. Today was all about letting go of the past & starting over for me. Every single old sweet message, or picture, or bracelet or anything from the ginger is now gone. Deleted. Erased. Thrown away.
Here's to new beginnings & a happier me.
I've seriously been so happy the past couple months. Not talking to guys makes life so much more simple. Not even kidding.
Too bad that probably won't last long. Oh well. But I have decided I'm not going to let guys change my mood or have as much of an effect on me ever again. I mean, there's nothing wrong with flirting right?
That funny moment when I legitimately had to shoo guys away from my locker today. My friend thought it was hilarious. She was like you would be the girl that has to shoo guys away from surrounding her locker.
So on Friday after our choir concert we're going to my friend's to sleepover for her birthday. And I'm ungrounded. So I can go!!!! Yay <3
That sad sad moment when my best friend was sick on my first day of being ungrounded. *Tear* we just texted all day..


Hannah Thinks...
The fact that nobody will let go of the "dreamy eyes" incident..
Although dreamy eyes will get you places in life in my book.
Especially if they're brown.
Just saying.
The fact that I don't get mny 3rd exemption because I was late.
And not even by a minute.
So freaking annoying.
My puppy is sleeping with me tonight.
Jealous anyone?
I miss my bestfriend </3
I need a girls night ASAP.
With the Notebook & Titanic and chocolate.
I got a purple glittery calculator.
Hopefully it will bring me good luck on my test tomorrow...
Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift is my happy song.
It seriously makes me so happy.
It's so happy & cute & innocent.
I adore it.
Would it be weird if I started saying kisses instead of bye?
Don't answer that.
I'd look really stupid.
Oh well.
I might do it anyways.
You've gotta embrace your stupidness.
It makes everything alot more fun.
Not even kidding.
My legs are really smooth.
So soft...

Bye my darlings <3

XOXO (kisses) --Hannah

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