Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Don't you worry, don't you worry child

That awkward moment when cute English class guy does read my post. Thanks to my so called best friend.... IN English class. Then awkwardly looks over at me with his cute brown eyes. *Sigh* Well this is awkward.
But I just thought I'd mention...
Sorry. Just had to get that out there. Anyways.
 Before Santa Switch with Emma
 French Manis
 The girls. This is my mom's terrible photography. Better pics later, promise.
 Emma & Jessica <3
 My puppy isn't cute when she's wet...
 Not that she's licking herself or anything...
 How adorable are we?
 I feel like I look like one of those trashy annoying girls on facebook posting a gazillion pictures of my self in this one...
Fishy face!



Now I really look like a trashy facebook girl... I was trying this time though. I have way to much free time... But I won't in a week. Because I'M UNGROUNDED!!!! Hello my lovely social life <3

Okay. Bye.

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