Thursday, December 13, 2012

And it's you and me and all other people, and I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

Hola chicas!
Not that I got a B on my Algebra test or anything. Meaning I can exempt my final! Yayayayayay!!! And I got an instagram. And I'm making fudge and chocolate covered pretzels today after school for our concert. How exciting, right?
And guess who got a "Good morning beautiful" text this morning? This girl. I was grounded for too long...
Now all I need is my Twitter back & everything will be perfect. <3
Anyways. To say thank you to the guy who has been helping with my math & is pretty much the only reason I got a B on my test, I'm bringing him some of the pretzels & fudge. Gotta love me, right?
Only half an hour left in school, thankfully. I'm almost absolutely sure I aced my U.S history test to so everything's good. Now I just have to study for my finals in Biology & French & English & Choir & gym. Why must we have a final in gym? Whyyy? Why do we even have gym. Not like we accomplish anything anyways.
Christmas countdown: 12 days!
We have the elf on the shelf for my little brother & guess what the "elf" brought me? Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Thank you Elfie <3
It's realllly pink though... I'll post a picture of my very pink lips later.
I'm excited for this weekend too!
And next week is our last week of school before Christmas Break!

Anyways... Here are some pictures I just found from before I got my phone taken away..

 This is my new calculator!!!
 I looked cute that day...
 My bestest friend <3



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