Sunday, July 29, 2012

I come over, quarter past 2, love in my eyes, blinded by you

Another boring night. Yay. Just me and Netflix. And the lovely people still reading about my insanely boring life. So I'll just rant. So "john"... I was just thinking about how many girls he S probably been with. It's annoying. The ginger had kissed like 11 girls last time we talked about it. ELEVEN. Who does that? Wow. So I was thinking about how people have said you never know how mean someone is... Until you guys break up. And thats so true. Like the ginger was saying all this stuff to me after we broke up and I was like "okay, but when you come wanting me back, and you will. You always do, I'm going to remember everything you just said and never look at you the same" and he was like "Why would I want someone like you back?" too bad he always does... And a week later he's texting me saying he wants to cuddle... I was just like uh go cuddle with "bob" (my name originality sucks, I know) and he was like no I want you and I was just like well I can't say I blame you... So annoying. And then John is a sucky friend to the ginger. He was totally talking crap about him to me trying to get me to pick him over the ginger. It's just I had history with the ginger. Wity me and John it was honestly just a "hey I'm bored" "yeah me too" "lets makeout"... Eww. That makes me sound like a total skank. But I usually don't do things like that. I just wanted to make the ginger jealous... And I guess I did kinda like John. Maybe. I'm not really sure. I really had no idea how I felt about anything then. Then again I still don't. And I've had more than enough time to think. Enough talking for now... XOXO--hannah

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